Israeli Incitement Reports

Israeli Incitement Reports
November 13, 2023


I. Israel’s Genocide against the Palestinian People


1. Limor Sonn Har Melech, Member of Knesset (MK) for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 31 October)

“Settlers of Judea and Samaria[1] and the cities on the seam[2], be alert, the campaign “settlers’ violence” that is happening right now is despicable, dangerous, and allows our killing.

The distinction between the Nazis[3] in Gaza and the Nazis in Judea and Samaria is a direct continuation of the misconception that brought us here. I see the leaks, as if there is settlers’ violence, when all the cases are of Palestinian terrorists who came to attack Jews, but the Jews would not let it pass quietly and defended their lives.[4]

Our lives are not to be abandoned, and our blood is not permitted. I call upon all those who are trying to label the settlers with the lie of “violence” to erase responsibility for abandoning the arena in Judea and Samaria: you are playing with fire and we might see the same sights we saw in the Gaza Envelope also on the top of the mountain, on Mount Hebron, in Benyamin settlement[5] and the cities on the seam such as Kfar Saba, Rosh Haain, Hedera, and more (…)”

2. Israeli Settler, unknown name, (Twitter, 31 October)

 “The only innocent people in Gaza are the 229 hostages that were taken. Once they will go back to Israel we will bomb Shifa hospital, all the hospitals, all the tunnels and kill them all. It is about time, the world knows that there is no argue about that, we are the center of the world.”

3. Adam Livnat, Israeli Soldier (Twitter, 31 October)

“I think we can do a lot more inside Gaza, it is the fight between the good and the bad. The good and the evil.”

4. Eliyahu Yossian, Israeli Army Officer on Israel’s Channel 14 (Twitter, 29 October)

“There is no population in Gaza, there are 2.5 million terrorists - there is no meaning to give them warning missiles.”

5. Moshe Feiglin, Former MK and leader of Zehut Party, in an interview with Aljazeera (Twitter, 26 October)

“We don’t need a victory to restore the image of Israel’s dignity, or to restore our deterrent image, which we have lost completely in the jungle that surround us. Now we need to retaliate with strong vengeance. There is one and only one solution which complete to destroy Gaza before invading it and when I talk about destruction, I mean destruction like it was in Dresden and Heroshima without a nuclear weapon (…) If you do to them like what was done in Dresden, like what the British did, and if you burned everything, and if you threw bombs that penetrate defensive structures, to penetrate al-Shifa hospital and to destroy the ground from beneath it without any consequences.(…)”

6. Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 23 October)

“Today, Bagatz[6] revealed a secret fact that damages the IDF and the deterrence element! In the name of the Gazans, a petition was submitted to Bagatz, requesting to prevent the bombing of Al-Quds hospital, which was asked to evacuate. Bagatz requested the position of the state attorney who revealed that bombing the hospital isn’t on the agenda currently. A great idea for the Gazans – appeal to Bagatz that exposes what will be bombed and what won’t and when. Crazy![7]

7. Yair Lapid, Leader of the opposition, MK for Yesh Atid Party (Twitter, 22 October)

“I am explaining to them[8] that they must overcome the mess at Congress, put it all aside for a military aid package[9]. To deal with these scum[10] (“Sorry”, I tell them, “It is a harsh word, but I will not apologize for it, they are scum”) who dare to blame us, even now, for what is happening in Gaza. They agree. They are with us. It warms the heart.”

8. Herzi Halevi, Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli Occupation Forces (Kikar, 18 October)

“The other party fights us like animals; we do not lose our humanity.”

9. Merav Ben-Ari, MK for Yesh Atid Party speaking in the Knesset (Mondoweiss, 18 October)[11]

“(…) And the children in Gaza – the children in Gaza have brought this upon themselves! We are a peace-seeking nation, a life-loving nation. There is no symmetry – our children are kidnapped over there!”

10. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 17 October)

“As long as Hamas does not release the hostages[12] they have in their hands – the only thing that should enter Gaza are hundreds of tons of the Air Force’s explosives, not a gram of humanitarian aid.”

11. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 17 October)

“Let the whole world know: The barbaric terrorists in Gaza are the ones who attacked the hospital in Gaza, and not the IDF. Whoever viscously kills our children, kills his children as well.”[13]

12. Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 16 October)

"The only right to exist for this the government now is to break the regular rules of the game with Gaza. At the moment it is still not happening. We do not negotiate with Nazis. No cease fire with Nazis. And we do not wait for the Nazis to attack first, even if the Americans are asking."

13. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, MK Chairman of the Likud Party, Israel’s Foreign Ministry Website, 16 October)

“This is a struggle between the children of light and the children of darkness, between humanity and the law of the jungle. We saw this in the horrors that the reprehensible murderers perpetrated in Kibbutz Be'eri, in Kfar Aza, in the other communities of the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and in the killing field of young people at a festival in Re'im.”

14. Isaac Herzog, Israel’s President in a Press Conference on October 13 (Reported in the HuffPost on 17 October)

“It is an entire nation[14] out there that is responsible. It is not true this rhetoric about civilians not being aware, not involved. It’s absolutely not true. They could have risen up. They could have fought against that evil regime[15] which took over Gaza in a coup d’etat.”

15. Ezra Yachin[16], Israeli Army Reservist (Twitter, 14 October)

“Erase the memory of them. Erase them, their families, mothers and children. These animals can no longer live. Every Jew with a weapon should go out and kill them. If you have an Arab neighbor don’t wait. Go to his home and shoot him”.

16. Betzalel Taljah, Israeli Soldier in an interview with CNN (Twitter, 15 October)                                                                                                                                   

"The war was not just with Hamas, the war was with all the civilians that cannot see us as human beings, who want to kill us. Because what I saw in that place near Gaza, civilians from Gaza, came on bicycles to the Kibutz just to kill and destroy."

17. Yoav Gallant, Minister of “Defense” (Twitter, 13 October)

“Gaza won’t return to what it was before. We will eliminate everything. If it doesn’t take one day it will take a week, it will take weeks or even months, we will reach all placed (...)”

18. Giora Eiland, Senior Research Associate at the Institute for National Security Studies and Former Head of the Israeli National Security Council in an Op-ed (Ynet, 13 October)

“The entire population of Gaza will either move to Egypt or move to the Gulf. From our perspective, every building in Gaza known to have Hamas headquarters underneath, including schools and hospitals, is considered a military target. Every vehicle in Gaza is considered a military vehicle transporting combatants. Therefore, there is no vehicular traffic, and it does not matter whether it is transporting water or other critical supplies.”

19. Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home) Party (Twitter, 11 October)

“Anyone who shows mercy to the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful. Terrorists should not be handled, but eliminated.”

20. Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 10 October)

“Unfortunately, what is happening in Gaza for now is very very far from an appropriate response. The people are strong. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are just waiting to destroy the enemy. This has to end with tens of thousands of Nazis dead!!”[17]

21. Israel Katz, Minister of Energy, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 10 October)

“So far, we have transferred 54,000 cubic meter of water, and 2,700 megawatt of electricity a day. It’s over. Without fuel, the local electricity will shut down within days, and the water wells will stop within a week. This is what will happen to a people of children killers and slaughterers[18]. What was will not be.”

22. Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 10 October)

“Be a villain to the villain! No mercy! Flatten and crush Gaza. No more of what we knew. Do everything before considering sending in forces to Gaza. We have artillery capabilities, we invested huge budgets in this. It is a duty to use everything in our arsenal! The lives of our soldiers are dearer and more important that any person in Gaza. Take the gloves off!”  

23. Yoav Gallant, Minister of “Defense,” MK for Likud party (Ynet, 9 October)

“I have ordered a complete siege on the Gaza Strip. There will be no electricity, no food, no fuel, everything is closed. We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly.”

24. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, MK Chairman of Likud Party (Times of Israel, 8 October)

“The Israel Defense Forces will act immediately to destroy Hamas’s capabilities. We will cripple them mercilessly and avenge this black day they have brought upon Israel and its citizens.”

25. Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home) Party (Twitter, 8 October)

“Close the Rafah crossing[19] – immediately.

  1. We must demand that Egypt closes the Rafah crossing immediately, the crossing is still open, through which merchandise and fuel are passing that are serving Hamas in the fight against us.

  2. We must make it clear to the Qatari that there are no more money transfers to the Gaza Strip, because the ones who receive great support from the public for money transfers, workers’ entry, and the expansion of the fishing area are the heads of the Hamas who are controlling the strip.

In parallel, we must make it clear to the Gazan public that stopping the Qatari money transfer, limiting the fishing area to a minimum, and closing of the Kerem Shalom[20] crossing to merchandise and fuel, is all because of the Hamas leadership. This is the policy we must adopt immediately.”

26. Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 7 October)[21]

“Take down buildings!! Bomb without distinction!! Stop this impotence. You have the ability. There is a world-wide legitimacy! Flatten Gaza. No mercy! This time there is no place for mercy! Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Minister of Defense, no excuses. Here and now! Their[22] blood or ours – ours! Their lives or ours – ours! (…)”

27. Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 7 October)

“(…) the concept has fallen – there will be neither peace nor quiet with the Nazis[23] even in 1000 years. No financial interests (…) the evil must be eliminated and uprooted!”

28. Israel Katz, Minister of Energy, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 7 October)

“I signed a warrant directing the Electricity Company to stop the electricity supply to the Gaza strip. What was will not be.”

29. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 6 October) [24]

“Our life precedes the “Palestinian’s” right to movement (and trade). We will continue to say this truth and work to actualize it.”

30. Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 5 October)

“I wish a speedy recovery to the injured soldiers from the activities to prevent terrorism in Tulkarem. We support all the IDF[25] commanders and fighters, we will continue to strike terrorism without pause to ensure the security of the state of Israel in the face of our enemies[26].”

31. Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 3 October) [27]

“The IDF spokesperson, as usual twists facts and coddles terrorists[28]. Everything is allowed[29] to maintain the dangerous narrative that the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria are not enemies. Today, rocks were thrown at a Jewish shepherd by a group of terrorists[30]. Well, it’s the Jew’s problem for daring to herd his sheep. The IDF spokesperson publishes: a violent confrontation which included stone throwing developed between Israeli citizens and Palestinians.”

32. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 2 October)

“Good work by our Magav[31] fighters against the Murabitat rioters[32] who were harassing Jews[33] ascending the Temple Mount[34] and disrupted the holiday prayers.” [35]

33. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Facebook, 1 October)

“This is how sovereignty looks like! Deep breath, and slowly the policy reaches everyone.”[36]

II. Attacks Against the Indigenous Palestinian Citizens in Israel


34. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Facebook, 24 October)

“(…) following a special incitement team[37] that I established with the Israeli police, since the outbreak of the war, tens of arrests have been made against inciters. Tonight, officers from the northern district arrested the actress and influencer, Maysa Abd Al-Hadi, a resident of the city Nazareth, for suspicion of expressing praising and hate speech online. This is a clear message to all those inciting key-board heroes – the Israeli police will reach each one of you. Do not try us.”

35. Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home) party (Twitter, 24 October)

"This is what will be done to those who support the Nazis. The minister of interior must revoke this lady’s[38], and those like her, the Israeli citizenship immediately, and work on their expulsion. Well done to Ofer Shechter[39] and anyone who exposes these traitors. I call upon all those on social media to continue and report Israeli citizens who support Nazis. We need to understand that the reality changed – What was is not what will be."

36. Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 24 October)

“For the first time since 2006, Ahmad Tibi[40], the advisor to the killer of Arafat[41] and one who praises martyrs, will not serve as the Knesset deputy chair! Following my struggle fight, this shame is over. Yesterday, the deputy chairs of Knesset were elected, Ahmad Tibi was not one of them. He sent me more than once to take pills, to see a phycologist (I never understood what’s insulting about that), I sent him to his place.”

37. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, Member of Knesset for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 19 October)

“Well done to the police officers of the Coast district, and district commander, Dani Levi, who are working with determination against terrorism supporter.  A number of protestors in Um al-Fahem[42], who tried protesting tonight, were met with arrests and zero tolerance from the officers. This is a clear message to terrorism supporters everywhere – Do not try us!”

38. Yaakov (Kobi) Shabtai, Israel’s Police Commissioner (Haaretz, 18 October) [43]

“We are not in a situation where we begin to let these types to come and mess with us. Anyone who wants to be a citizen of Israel, welcome. Whoever wants to identify with Gaza is welcome. I will put him on the buses going there now.”

39. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 16 October)

“MK Limor Sonn Har Melech[44] will submit a proposal to remove the terrorism supporting MKs[45] who identify with the Hamas terrorists who committed the slaughter of our brothers and sisters. It is legal, it is possible – it is the hours order. I call on all the coalition and oppositions factions to join us and support the removal of these terrorism supporters from the Israeli parliament.”

40. Simcha Rothman, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Facebook, 12 October)

“In recent days, horrifying posts expressing support of Hamas by Israeli Arabs[46]. I sent an urgent appeal today to the Attorney General demanding a move to a swift action in investigating and indicting violations of incitement to terrorism (…) In this time of war, a swift action is required against those suspected of committing expression violations, the first of which is incitement to terrorism, identifying with a terrorist organization, or incitement to violence. Incitement to terrorism and violence is a criminal offense that comes with indictment and punishment of up to three years in prison. We will continue to monitor and locate, and we will not stay silent to those who incite against us in this difficult time.”

41. Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 10 October) [47]

“Whoever committed, with the intention of aiding the enemy in its war against Israel, an act to help that, his judgment – is death or life sentence”.

42. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Facebook, 2 October) [48]

“Fighting terrorism online – today, an indictment was filed against a young Arab who posted tens of inciting posts against Jews on social media. I congratulate the intelligence people from the Jerusalem district police, who are doing holy work in online terrorism, and have monitored social media for tens of posts supporting terrorists and terrorist organizations.”[49]

III. Against the Palestinian Leadership


43. Orit Malka Strock, Minister of National Missions, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 19 October) [50]

“Sending IDF[51] soldiers to fight and risk their lives to transfer Gaza to the PA is immoral and irresponsible. The PA, which is doing in the Judea and Samaria terrorism and more terrorism (only today, 10 soldiers were injured), will pay salaries to the Hamas terrorists who committed the pogrom in the Gaza Envelope[52], and they did not condemn the pogrom even once, but chase our soldiers in the Hague[53]. This murderous authority will not get 1 more centimeter from us. We promised the residents of the Envelope a safe, threat free, life. Transferring Gaza to Abu Mazen[54] and his friends and terrorist, will provide the complete opposite result, which is why it is also immoral and irresponsible, no right-wing leader would suggest it, and we will not allow this to happen.”

44. Limor Sonn Har Melech, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 19 October)

 “The Palestinian Authority is just as Nazi as Hamas. Transferring control to it and pumping international funds into it will bring us events similar to what we are experiencing today in Judea and Samaria. Of course I will not be part of this politics.”

45. Limor Sonn Har Melech, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party (Twitter, 6 October)

“At dawn this morning, we arrived at Joshua's Altar on Mount Ebal for an especially exciting Vitken prayer, initiated by the organization “A fight for every dunam” who make sure to visit and command the alter and its area and to guard it from the destruction of the Palestinian Authority[55]. It is a historic site with great importance, and in a premium strategic location. I recommend for the people of Israel to come visit and stay in the place, to learn and get to know the unique historic story of our people. In light of the grim situation in which the PA is acting, planning, and actually taking over Ebal Mountain range and the alter is in real danger, I call upon Israel’s government to establish a Jewish settlement point in the place, which will block the PA’s plan and strengthen our grip on the land and the heritage sites we hold so dearly (…)”

46. The Lobby of Israel in the Knesset (Twitter, 3 October)[56]

“If we do not wake up, if we do not increase enforcement, and if we do not stop these PA’s actions[57], it will be a cry for generations. The Jewish people has a natural, historic, and legal right over the entire land of Israel – from the south to the north. Even Mohammad Shtayyeh cannot object to this basic truth.”

47. Orit Malka Strock, Minister of National Missions, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 2 October)

“The march of Mount Ebal– I came to clarify: The government of Israel will not stand aside. We already held the first discussion in the government, and after the holiday, God willing, another discussion. The principle is clear: anywhere the PA[58] acts against its responsibility under the agreements – the state of Israel must take responsibility and act forcefully.  Including in events of heritage destruction.”

48. Yitzhak Kroizer, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 1 October)

“While the citizens of Israel are groaning under the high cost of living and the PA continues to support terrorism, there is no reason to cut the PA's fuel payments [59] and certainly this is not the time to strengthen it.”

IV. Against the UN


49. Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home) Party (Twitter, 24 October)[60]

“It would be best if the UN’s secretary general studies history before he spews nonsense. This is adopting the lying Palestinian narrative that the UN has maintained for years. Anyone who finds justification to slaughter women and children is no different from the despicable Hamas terrorists. The secretary general, with his statement, is actually permitting the killing of Jews and Israelis, and it would be fitting if he was removed from his position, the sooner the better.”

50. Benny Gantz, Minister without a portfolio, MK for National Unity Party (Twitter, 24 October)

“Days in which the UN’s secretary general backs terrorism, are dark days to the world. There is no way to justify the slaughter of innocent civilians. Whoever is on the wrong side of history, will be judged by it. Whoever justifies terrorism, is not worthy to speak on behalf of the world.”

51. Gilad Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (Twitter, 24 October)

“The UN’s secretary general is disconnected from reality and must resign!! Today, I stood at the entrance of the Security Council, along with families of those kidnapped, and called the secretary general to resign. A secretary general that looks for justification to the horrible slaughter that was done to us cannot stay in his position. Every day from today that he continues in his position is a disgrace and proves that the UN has no right to exist!”

52. Eli Cohen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of Likud Party (Twitter, 24 October)

“These kids witnessed a horror which cannot be described by words. Mr. Secretary General, in what world do you live? Definitely this is not our world. If all nations do not stand by the basic value, the basic value of humanity, described in the UN charter, this will be the darkest hour. The darkest hour of United Nation under you, Mr. Secretary and this place will have moral justification to exist.”

53. Amichai Chikli, Minister of Social Equality and Pensioners, Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Likud Party (Twitter, 24 October)

“You are right, António, the Hamas attack did not happen in a vacuum, it happened in children's rooms, in their beds! Your words are a shameful disgrace to the most basic human values. It is apparent that you, like many of your friends at the UN, have that old, deep-seated Jewish problem, otherwise known as antisemitism.”

54. Gilad Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (Twitter, 11 October)

"The human rights council has lost its moral compass. Sadly, you refuse to differentiate between good and evil, victims and perpetrators. Your immoral comparison sends a clear message to the terrorists, that if they hide their weapons under schools and hospitals, and use the people of Gaza as human shields, the human rights council will give them full immunity for their heinous crimes. Mr. Commissioner, the world cannot accept such a distorted moral standard that sadly guarantees that these atrocities will continue. Israel will obliterate Hamas terror infrastructure. Thank you.”

V. Additional Examples


55. Eli Cohen, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of Likud Party (Twitter, 28 October)

“Following the shameful statements[61] from Turkey, I ordered the return of the diplomatic representatives in Turkey to reevaluate the relations between Israel and Turkey.”

56. Amichai Chikli, Minister of Social Equality and Pensioners, Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Likud party (Twitter, 28 October)

“This moment in history requires moral clarity. Whoever stands on the side of those who slaughter babies in their sleep, and among them stands the anti-Semitic tyrant, Erdogan, with the axis of darkness and evil. Whoever stands on the side of heathen Jihadists from ISIS and Hamas is signing a deal with the devil.”

57. Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 28 October)

“I see the great support of Erdogan and his people for the Nazi murderers who killed, looted, and raped our children, elderly and women, and I can only suggest to Erdogan not only to support from afar, but to take them under his sponsorship to live in Turkey.”

58. Tally Gotliv, Member of Knesset for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 October)

“Qatar! Careful! They are supporters of Hamas terrorists. They are playing us. Do not fall into this trap[62]. Continue attacking Gaza without mercy.”

59. Yitzhak Kroizer, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 25 October)

“I approached my friend, minister of finance, Bezalel Smotrich, with a demand to halt the import from terrorism supporting Turkey. It is time to support and encourage Israeli agriculture. During this time, we say yes to local Israeli agriculture![63]

60. Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home) Party (Twitter, 15 October)

“A state of war has been declared in the State of Israel, which allows for legislating emergency regulations within 24 hours. The first thing that is required is to implement a regulation that will allow revoking press IDs and permits given by the Government Press Office to the terrorism channel Al-Jazeera[64]. Al-Jazeera network has been serving the terrorist organization Hamas for many years, incites against the state of Israel, defames it, and sends messages from the enemy. It is time to throw the megaphone of these human monsters’ outside the territory of the state of Israel.”

61. Yitzhak Kroizer, Member of Knesset for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 20 October)

“An important decision that the government just approved is to close media bodies that harm the state’s security, including shutting down the Al-Jazeera channel. Sending a clear message: whoever harms the state’s security, and defames us, will not be here!”

62. Gilad Erdan, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (Twitter, 19 October) [65]

“Must watch!! @Columbia, @Harvard, @nyuniversity:[66] you facilitate terrorism. No parent should feel comfortable sending their child to these terror supporting institutions. Jewish life is not cheap. You have lost your moral credibility to educate students. Shame on you.”



[1] Referring to the occupied West Bank of the State of Palestine. The Israeli term “Judea and Samaria” aims at normalizing Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.

[2] Seam zones are part of the occupied Palestinian territory between Israel's illegal Annexation Wall and the 1949 Armistice Line (Green Line).

[3] Referring to every single Palestinian life in Gaza (including the elderly, women, children, and babies).

[4] Falsification of facts and denial of the number of attacks committed against Palestinians and their property by illegal settlers.

[5] An illegal Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank

[6] Israel’s Supreme Court

[7] According to the verdict, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) were not planning on attacking the hospital. Instead, they allegedly requested evacuation to minimize casualties.

[8] Referring to American politicians.

[9] Referring to the debate that occurred in Congress over the transfer of aid packages to Israel and Ukraine.

[10] Referring to every single Palestinian life in Gaza (including the elderly, women, children, and babies).

[11] In response to MK Aida Touma (Hadash-Ta’al list) who spoke against Israel’s killing of civilians including children in Gaza stressing that ‘”there is a symmetry, a child is a child.”

[12] The abducted Israelis on 7 October

[13] Israeli warplanes struck Al-Ahli Arab (Baptist) Hospital killing at least 500 Palestinians. As part of its fake news campaign, Israel alleged that the hospital was bombed by the Islamic Jihad that tried to launch rockets at Israel.

[14] Referring to every single Palestinian life in Gaza (including the elderly, women, children, and babies).

[15] Referring to Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement

[16] Took part in the 1948 Deir Yassin massacre

[17] Referring to every single Palestinian life in Gaza (including the elderly, women, children, and babies).

[18] Israeli officials published photos claiming that Hamas beheaded children and babies on 7 October. These allegations were debunked as lies by international journalists and news agencies.

[19] The only exit point between Egypt and the Gaza Strip for Palestinians and foreign nationals.

[20] Known as Karem Abu Salem. It's the primary military checkpoint and the only route for fuel, aid, and goods going in and out of Gaza.

[21] The post was later removed

[22] Referring to every single Palestinian life in Gaza (including the elderly, women, children, and babies).

[23] Ibid

[24] In response to a post by IOF stating that ‘it was decided to close the stores on the Huwara axle” for security reasons.

[25] Referring to the IOF who raided Tulkarm refugee camp in the occupied West Bank killing two Palestinians.

[26] The Palestinian people

[27] The post is in response to a statement by the Israeli army’s spokesperson claiming that “A dangerous confrontation that included stone throwing, developed earlier between Israeli citizens and Palestinians on the outskirts of the village Qusra.” However, the fact it was an attempt by armed Israeli settlers to take over more Palestinian land. Later on 11 October, three Palestinian civilians were killed in the village of Qusra by the IOF and settlers.

[28] Referring to the Palestinian people. Gotliv accuses IOF spokesperson of making settlers appear as if they are attacking Palestinians. This follows statements by senior IOF representatives that in the past months much of the army’s forces were allegedly diverted to the occupied West Bank to deal with the increase of settlers violence

[29] Gotliv is being sarcastic

[30] Alleging that Palestinian landowners stoned illegal settlers on the outskirts of Qusra village, in Nablus governorate, which is systematically exposed to settlers’ violence.

[31] The Israel Border Police, part IOF

[32] Referring to female Muslims worshippers who are volunteering to defend Al-Aqsa mosque against settlers’ incursions. The post is in response to a video showing IOF arresting two of them from the occupied Old City of Jerusalem

[33] Referring to Israel’s illegal settlers who storm into the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound on a daily basis.

[34] Referring to Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound.

[35] Referring to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot

[36] Ben Gvir's policy to alter the status quo at the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound by encouraging settlers to storm into the holy site under the Israeli occupation forces' protection. In this post, Ben Gvir comments on an article published on the Maariv website regarding an increase in the number of Israeli settlers' requests to storm into the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound.

[37] Referring to a team established by an order from Minister Ben Gvir with the goal of monitoring any expression of support to the Palestinian cause.

[38] Actress Maysa Abd El Hadi, a Palestinian citizen in Israel

[39] An Israeli actor who attacked Maysa Abd Al-Hadi

[40] Arab Palestinian MK of Hadash-Ta’al list

[41] Late President of the State of Palestine Yasser Arafat

[42] A Palestinian city inside Israel, where young Palestinians went out to protest for a ceasefire in Gaza

[43] This article refers to a Palestinian protest in Haifa against Israel’s war on Gaza. Since the Israeli aggression started on 7 October, many Palestinian citizens in Israel and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, who expressed any support or sympathy for the Palestinians’ suffering or even interacted with a social media post, demanding freedom for Palestine, are being arrested and interrogated. On October 25, Knesset approved at a first reading a temporary order amending the 2016 Counter-Terrorism Law to include a new offense, specified as the “systematic and continuous consumption of specific publications of a terrorist organization”. The Law was approved in the final reading on November 8

[44] MK for the Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) party

[45] In reference to Palestinian MKs who expressed sympathy with the Palestinian people in Gaza and called to stop the Israeli aggression. The Palestinian members of the Knesset had condemned all attacks against civilians.

[46] Referring to Palestinian citizens in Israel

[47] In response to a post by Ishay Friedman, an Israeli journalist, during which he quotes MK Ofer Cassif from the Hadash party, an Israeli parliamentarian from a party whose members are overwhelmingly Palestinian citizens in Israel, saying “Israel wanted this violence.” MK Cassif regularly speaks and works against the Israeli occupation. 

[48] The post is in response to an article on Channel 7’s website regarding the indictment of a 21 years old Palestinian resident of occupied Jerusalem under the allegation that he published 20 inciting posts supporting so-called terrorism

[49] Referring to the entire Palestinian and every form of Palestinian resistance.

[50] The post is in response to an article on Israel Hayom website titled: Seniors in Israel to the PM of Britain: “There is no intention to remain in Gaza – Abu Mazen is the best option”

[51] Referring to the IOF

[52] Referring to the area surrounding the besieged Gaza strip.

[53] Referring to the investigation against Israel in the international Criminal Court

[54] Referring to Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the State of Palestine.

[55] Referring to a mountain near the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, where Israeli politicians have falsely accused Palestinians/Palestinian Government of conducting construction and excavations damaging Jewish archeological sites such as the so-called Joshua’s Alter as part of a master plan to take over what already is Palestinian land. Israeli officials often make use of archeological claims to expand their colonial-settler activity in the occupied West Bank

[56] This post is in response to news article on channel 7 claiming that Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh approved a plan to strengthen Palestinian presence in the Oslo-defined Area C of the occupied West Bank.

[57] Israeli politicians have baselessly accused the Palestinians/Palestinian Government of conducting construction and excavations damaging Jewish archaeological sites, including the so-called Joshua’s Alter, which are all located in occupied Palestine.

[58] Referring to the Palestinian Government

[59] Referring to the price that Palestine pays Israel for its access to fuel.

[60] Lieberman’s post was later removed. The statement made by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres that “Hamas attacks did not happen in a vacuum” angered the Israeli officials who asked him to resign.

[61] Turkey’s President has sharply criticized the bombardment of Gaza calling on Israel to stop its aggression

[62] Referring to Qatar's mediation efforts to allow aid to go to Gaza and Israelis taken by Hamas and other groups to be released.

[63] Referring to the export/import agreements between Turkey and Israel, according to which Israel imports agricultural products from turkey. The post includes an appeal to Minister of Finance, Bezalel Smotrich, asking that the local products be used instead of importing from Turkey.

[64] Al Jazeera Media Network is a Qatari state-owned media conglomerate. Currently, they are one of the few networks covering the war on Gaza from inside Gaza and that broadcasts internationally, as Israel has not allowed any journalists to enter Gaza since 7 October.

[65] The post is in response to a post by a twitter account called “Israel”, an officially propaganda branch in support of the Israeli aggression, in which they address the presidents of the universities, accusing them for allowing support of terrorism – referring to student protests for a ceasefire. 

[66] Referring to students protests against Israel’s war on Gaza in Columbia University, Harvard University, and New York University.

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