Summary of Israeli Violations during April, May and June: The occupying power continues to violate Palestinian rights with impunity

Media Briefs
July 01, 2015

In the last three months Israel, the occupying Power, has continued its rejectionist policies through the build-up of illegal settlements, pillage of resources and the imposition of an intricate system of control that includes murder and imprisonment. 

Between the months of April, May and June Israeli Forces and illegal settlers killed 12 Palestinians, injured 317 and arrested approximately 1118 Palestinians. The last attack was carried out against Mr. Ayoub Abu Rumaila, who was shot and wounded by occupation forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, in the road between Ramallah and East Jerusalem. 

Israeli settlers have also intensified their attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property with the full support of the Israeli army. Between the same three months Israeli settlers conducted 196 attacks, an average of two daily attacks against civilians. 

Furthermore, Israeli occupation forces demolished 24 Palestinian homes and occupied another 19 homes. There were 68 attacks against Islamic and Christian Holy Sites (including military raids, harassment, stoning and burning among others) as well as 204 Israeli attacks against Palestinian public and private property were reported, an average of almost two daily attacks. 

It has been clear that during the past three months Israeli occupation forces have tightened its movement restrictions against Palestinian citizens, establishing more than 1,300 flying checkpoints, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. Israeli Forces have continued their policy of intimidation against Palestinian civilians by storming several Palestinian villages, towns, cities and refugee camps. In the last three months alone, Israeli Forces carried at least 2136 military raids (an average of 24 daily raids) and 780 incursions. 

Once again, we call upon the international community to take concrete steps in order to deter Israeli violations and protect Palestinian rights by supporting Palestinian efforts at the international arena, including at the International Criminal Court. 

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