Dr. Saeb Erekat: It's Long Overdue Time to Impose Sanctions on Israel

Press Releases
August 23, 2018

Israel's latest settlement announcement reaffirms the commitment of the Israeli government to colonization and Apartheid. And by refraining from condemning such colonial illegal plans, the US State Department is, in fact, encouraging Tel Aviv to continue with its violations of international law that threatens peace and security in our region. 

Last week the UN Secretary-General, in his report on the international protection of Palestinians, stated that those responsible for violations of international humanitarian law must be held accountable. We agree. The colonial-settlement expansion in occupied Palestine by the Israeli occupying power is not only a grave violation of IHL but a war crime that would not be taking place if the international community didn't treat Israel as a state above the law. It is long overdue time for the international community to impose sanctions on Israel until it recognizes and fulfills its obligations under international law and UN resolutions. 

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