Dr. Saeb Erekat on the Latest Israeli Attacks Against our People in Gaza

Press Releases
April 27, 2018

The Israeli Occupation deployed its army, including snipers, to attack peaceful Palestinian demonstrators, including unarmed women, men, and children. Israel is trying to make the world believe that a group of unarmed youth represents a threat to their army in order to justify their brutal attacks against Palestinian civilians.
While Nikki Haley and other officials of the Trump Administration continue forging reality by adopting Israeli talking points and false claims aimed at justifying the systematic denial of our rights and attacks against our people, the fact that matters is that during almost a month of demonstrations in Gaza, the Israeli army has killed over 43 Palestinian civilians, including children, as well as injuring over 6,000 people either by the use of tear gas or shooting live ammunition. Among the targets of the Israeli Occupation have been journalists and medical personnel. Israel systematically violates its obligations under International Humanitarian Law and UN resolutions enjoying full impunity.
As we are marking 70 years of Nakba, the Palestinian people reaffirms its commitment with the universal values of freedom and justice, and will continue to struggle until the fulfilment of its inalienable rights, including by ending the Israeli occupation and honoring the rights of the Palestinian refugees in accordance with UN resolution 194.

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