Dr. Saeb Erekat: Netanyahu's Statement Confirms Israel's Commitment to Apartheid

Press Releases
February 12, 2018

Netanyahu's latest statement is a continuation of Israel's policy of dictations, as well as it confirms US complicity with Israeli colonial plans.  This is a confirmation that final status issues are being unilaterally decided upon by Israel in coordination with the US administration. 

Within less than three months, three attempts were unveiled at legitimizing Israeli violations of international law through US dictations. First the attempt to take Jerusalem off the table, second to dissolve the issue of Palestinian refugees and now to encourage land theft by accepting Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands.  Palestine accepts negotiations based on international law and not dictations based on war crimes.

Let us be clear, we haven't mandated the US administration or any other party to negotiate on our behalf, and we are not going to allow this attempt to succeed. This is precisely why the US administration is accusing us of "not wanting peace". The Israeli-US coordination is not about achieving a just and lasting peace but about legitimizing Israeli violations of International law and UN resolutions. 

Israel’s annexation of Palestinian lands means the denial of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and independence, further Israeli colonization, the destruction of the two-state solution and the consolidation of the current reality of Israeli Apartheid.

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