Dr. Saeb Erekat on Ongoing Israeli Settlement Announcements in Occupied Palestine

Press Releases
February 20, 2020

The Trump administration is now partnering with Israel, through the recently formed annexation committee, with its new announcements for more construction and expansion of Israel's illegal colonial settlements on lands belonging to the State of Palestine. Such illegal activities only consolidate Israel's de-facto annexation of our lands towards passing more of its colonial commands to further legalize land theft and denial of our history, rights, and humanity. 

Israeli settlements are swallowing Palestinian lands and depriving the people of Palestine of any means to free, dignified, and respectful lives. Israel's colonial project is, in itself, a deliberate act of aggression that denies and degrades the people of Palestine of their national and human rights. It articulates Israel's rejection of the right of Palestine and Palestinians to exist. 

The ongoing Israeli settlement announcements represent the implementation of the Trump Plan, which requires urgent international action to deter both Israel and the U.S. from their continued violations of international law and order.

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