Dr. Saeb Erekat on the ruling of the European Court of Justice on the labeling of Israeli settlement products

Press Releases
November 12, 2019

We welcome the decision of the European Court of Justice and call upon all European countries to implement what is a legal and political obligation. Our demand is not only for the correct labeling reflecting the certificate of origin of products coming from illegal colonial-settlements, but for the banning of those products from international markets. This ruling should serve as a reminder for the international community on the necessity to hold Israel accountable for its systematic violations of international humanitarian law and UN resolutions, including UNSC Resolution 2334, as a basic requirement to preserve the prospects of a political process leading to an end of Israel's occupation of Palestine and the achievement of a just and lasting peace in our region. In this context, we reiterate our call upon the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Michelle Bachelet to fulfill her mandate in accordance with resolution 31/36 and release the long-overdue database of companies involved in Israel's illegal settlement enterprise and the oppression of the people of Palestine.

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