H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas: Peace, security and stability will not be achieved unless the occupation ends

October 14, 2015

To our Palestinian people in and around sacred Jerusalem,

The Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, land and holy places continues to escalate. The racist barbarism exacerbates the ugliness of the occupation, in a way that threatens peace and stability and the igniting of a religious conflict that would burn everything, not only in the region but perhaps the whole world. This warrants the immediate positive interference by the international community before it is too late. 

We are clearly saying that we will not accept a change in the status quo of Al Aqsa Mosque compound, as we will not allow any Israeli schemes aimed at compromising its holiness and Islamic identity to pass. It’s our exclusive right: for the Palestinians and Muslims everywhere in the world. 

We are asking for our rights, justice and peace, we do not commit aggression on anyone and we do not accept aggression against our people, our nation and our holy places. We have conveyed to the whole world from the United Nations that we will not accept the continuation of the current situation in occupied Palestine. We will not give up to the logic of brute force, policies of occupation and aggression practiced by the Israeli government and the herd of settlers who are engaged in terrorism against our people, our holy places, our homes, our trees and the shooting of our children in cold blood as they did with the child Ahmed Manasra and other children from Jerusalem.

We will continue our legitimate national struggle, which is based on our right to defend ourselves and on non-violent popular resistance and political and legal struggle. We will work with needed patience, wisdom and courage to protect our people and our political and national achievements, which we have achieved after decades of hard work and persistence through a long path of martyrs, injured people and prisoners. 

My hero Palestinians, we have - through your struggle and steadfastness- achieved several political victories whereby our national case and because of your steadfastness has become of interest and respect throughout the world, It’s true that we paid a big price through the blood of our martyrs, the injured, the tears of our mothers and the pain of our prisoners. However, it’s the price of our freedom, which is around the corner. Therefore, I salute all of you my great people. Greetings to Jerusalem and its great people… greetings to Gaza and the West Bank and our people in the diaspora. Victory is coming with God’s will but many people don’t know. 

We will together continue with you our national, political and legal struggle. We will not remain hostage to the agreements that are not respected by Israel, and we will continue to join the international organizations and treaties Our files about the settlements and the aggression on Gaza, prisoners and the burning of Al Dawabsheh family and before them the child martyr Mohammed Abu Khudair, are in front of the International Criminal Court and we will submit new files on the field executions committed against our sons and daughters and grandchildren. Those who fear the international law and its sanctions should stop committing crimes against our people.  

The Israeli government’s rejection of our open hands for peace, which guarantees the rights of our people, freedom and national dignity, and the Israeli Government’s insistence on settlements, are the cause of insecurity and instability. Peace, security and stability will not be achieved unless the occupation ends and a Palestinian independent state with its capital East Jerusalem on the boarders of the fourth of June 1967 is established. 

Here, I invite you my great people, wherever you are, to, unite and be wary of the occupation schemes designed to abort and terminate our national project. We will never hesitate to defend our people and to protect them this is our right.

A tribute to the martyr’s… greetings to the wounded, greetings to the prisoners.


Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

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