Dr. Shtayyeh: “Israel attempts at preventing negotiations from taking place on Wednesday.”

August 11, 2013

Fatah Central Committee Member and Senior Palestinian Negotiator Dr. Muhammad Shtayyeh strongly condemned the recent Israeli decision to build more than 1000 new settlement units in the Occupied State of Palestine, particularly in and around Occupied East Jerusalem.

Dr. Shtayyeh said “it is clear that the Israeli government is deliberately attempting to sabotage US and International efforts to resume negotiations by approving more settlement units three days before the first Palestinian – Israeli meeting” adding that “Israel attempts at preventing negotiations from taking place on Wednesday.”

“Israel continues to use peace negotiations as a smoke screen for more settlement construction. The Israeli government is showing the world that the only way to achieve piece is justice, meaning end of Israel’s impunity.”

Dr. Shtayyeh concluded: “Israel has been claiming that they want negotiations without 'conditions,’ but on the ground is clear that they are the only ones imposing conditions: to negotiate with settlement construction, creating new conditions on the ground in order to pre-empt the result of any negotiations.”

“We call upon the United States and the rest of the international community to hold Israel accountable in order to give a chance for peace.”

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