The State of Palestine welcomes the first visit of a delegation from the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

October 09, 2016

State of Palestine

Palestine Liberation Organization

ICC Higher National Committee


The purpose of the mission is to raise awareness about the work of the Court, including its ongoing Preliminary Examination into the Situation in Palestine. This visit is built on the foundation of the frequent communications, regular contacts and exchanges between the State of Palestine and the Office of the Prosecutor since the start of the process.  This outreach initiative will be of value, above all, to the Palestinian people, who continue to suffer from the culture of impunity and ongoing crimes, and who look to the court for justice. We are also confident that the urgency of the situation in Palestine will become evident through the delegation’s interactions during the visit. 

This mission, by establishing and further solidifying a stable two-way communication, will prove to be a crucial and indispensable component for the steadfast progression of the proceedings, and will assist in ensuring a successful outcome. In this regard, the State of Palestine renews its urgent call to the Office of the Prosecutor to conclude its preliminary examination and move to an investigation in order to serve justice and help create deterrence.  

As a State Party to the ICC, the State of Palestine is fully committed to upholding its obligations under the Rome Statute, and to remain a frontrunner in ensuring lasting respect to the enforcement of justice, and shall therefore continue to facilitate the work of the Court, including through continued cooperation. The OTP and the State of Palestine remain bound by the common purpose of the Rome Statute to put an end to impunity.

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