Trend Analysis: “Closed Zone:” Implementation of Permit System

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October 30, 2003

Summary of Trends

According to some village reports, significant numbers of Palestinians who depend on their land for their livelihood have not received permits. Others in the same village who are not able to work the land, such as the elderly and small children, have received permits. Also, within single families, some members have received permits while others have not. In many cases, the principal income earner has not received a permit, affecting entire families.
The Israeli government is denying Palestinians permanent residency permits on the grounds of “security", despite the fact that these Palestinians have so far been living and working in their villages. No details are provided regarding the specific security threat posed by an individual whose application has been rejected. Denial of permits on security grounds is the same justification used by Israel to refuse Palestinians permission to enter the territory of the State of Israel or to travel abroad.

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