The Double Lockdown: Palestine under occupation and Covid-19

May 21, 2020

The idea to assemble a booklet on the impact of COVID-19 on Palestine was
prompted by the need for information that provides an overview of the effects of
COVID-19 in the realms of politics, economy, health, religion and gender. We are
delighted to present this booklet with eleven contributions by prominent public
figures in Palestine.
We hope that these eleven papers will reveal different aspects of life in Palestine
under COVID-19. This pandemic is changing both the global and the local scene
in Palestine. As the world seeks an effective global response to the COVID-19
pandemic, Palestinians hope for an effective international coalition to bring an end
to occupation. Just as we continue our struggle to defeat the coronavirus, we will
continue our work for justice, peace and a life with dignity.
This booklet is dedicated to a dear colleague, Jamil Rabah, who was
a great pollster and a regular contributor to literature on Palestine and senior Policy
adviser to the Negotiations Affairs Department. May his memory be eternal.

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