It Is Apartheid: The Reality of Israel's Colonial Occupation of Palestine

June 08, 2021

This publication presents a full explanation of Israel as an apartheid system. It defines continuing acts of apartheid by the State of Israel in the land of Palestine occupied since 1967 and how it maintains systematic racial oppression and domination over the Palestinian people as a whole to ensure that their continued fragmentation into separated groups prevents their collective right of self-determination and to consolidate its illegal settler-colonial enterprise. It highlights that the apartheid system is characterized by a series of racist Israeli laws implemented since 1948 and continued by the Israeli occupying forces in 1967 and further defines penalties under international law and human rights law provisions.

We started working on this publication per the initiative of Dr. Saeb Erekat. Just one day before his transfer to the hospital, he inquired about when he could receive the final copy to prepare its introduction, insisting that we publish it as soon as possible. In loyalty and appreciation to Dr. Erekat’s legacy, we dedicate this work to his memory.

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