Looming Annexation: Israel's Denial of Palestine's Right to Exist

June 30, 2020

The timing of this Negotiation Affairs Department (NAD) publication coincides with the impending annexation announced by the recently formed Government of Israel. We have embarked on this publication not because of the novelty of illegal Israeli annexation of Palestinian land, but because of the urgency -now more than ever -of raising our voices against Israeli annexation that jeopardizes the viability of the State of Palestine and the right to self-determination, and entrenches occupation with its violations of Palestinian human rights.

The contributors to this publication come from a variety of backgrounds and expertise and are authorities in their respective fields, affiliates of the PLO, and/or from civil society organizations that include: the Negotiations Affairs Department (NAD), the Palestinian Negotiations Support Project (PNSP), the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ), Al-Haq, “Law in the Service of Man”, Dar Al Kalimah University College, and Al-Istiqlal University. Some of the authors have previously engaged in the peace process, negotiations, and the Palestinian government.  I wish to thank all of them for their contributions and for reflecting our oneness in our struggle against occupation and annexation as we seek liberation.

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