Palestine’s Nakba 71

May 15, 2019

The testimonies below are written in silent letters, but each word is packed with living emotions and wrapped in precious tears. Each letter captures a ray of hope for a better time, a time when justice and righteousness reigned supreme.

“What does the Nakba mean to you?” is the question fathers, grandmothers, and youth answer in this record of their experience. Palestinians, young and old, from across the world, have shed tears of pride and pain in composing their responses to this question.

These testimonies represent a very humble contribution, passing along to the reader only a small part of the history and the truth, reflecting only some of the pain and deprivation experienced, and continues to be experienced, by the people of Palestine.

A total of 71 Palestinians from the West Bank, including Jerusalem, the Gaza strip, and the rest of historic Palestine, as well from refugee camps in neighbouring countries and those in exile, have drawn the collective Palestinian memory and their thoughts about the Palestinian Nakba in modern history, and about Palestinians’ firm determination to one day achieve their legitimate rights.

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