Special Report: Israel's Aggression's Against Occupied Palestine [September 13th. 2015 and March 1st. 2016]

Special Reports
March 01, 2016

On September 22nd 2015, Palestinian teenager Hadeel Hashlamon, 18 years old, was executed at an Israeli checkpoint inside the occupied city of Hebron. Her killing was justified by the Israeli regime at the same time that the killers of the Dawabsheh family, in Duma village on July 31st 2015, would not be caught by the occupying power. Daily settler attacks and military raids, in addition to forcible displacement of Palestinian population, siege and settlement construction, as documented in this report, are the daily reality of the Palestinian people living under Israel’s belligerent occupation.

Incitement from the Israeli government, and its clear policies to annihilate any political horizon by destroying the two-state solution, have continued as official policies from Israel, the occupying power. Lack of action from the international community, in order to both protect the Palestinian people and hold Israel accountable for its systematic violations against Palestinian national and human rights, is the very message that continue to be sent to the Palestinian street.

This reports is a brief summary of Israeli violations that have taken place during the past five months, between September 13th 2015 and March 01st 2016.

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