Israeli Official Incitement: February 2019

Israeli Incitement Reports
March 04, 2019

Israeli Official Incitement between February 1 –February 28, 2019

This report includes examples of recent inciting statements made by top Israeli officials and military personnel against the people of Palestine, including prisoners, martyrs, and their families. It also includes statements made against the indigenous Palestinian citizens of Israel, as well as statements against the President of the State of Palestine and the Palestinian leadership.


I. Palestinian Prisoners and Martyrs and their Families


MK (Likud) Oren Hazan (Twitter, 27 February)

“The despicable Zubeidi, he was a terrorist and remains a terrorist, a “good” terrorist is a dead terrorist! Stop lying to the public. Instead of giving a five stars hotel in custody, and instead of allowing family visits and giving them luggage of cash as a reward for the families of murders, then releasing those murderers, you must enact the law of death penalty for terrorists!..”

Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MK (Likud) Tzipi Hotovely (Twitter, 17 February)

“Deduction of terrorists’ salaries from the Palestinian Authority’s funds as decided by the cabinet is imperative and moral. As long as Abu Mazen is proud of paying to terrorists, the state of Israel must deduct each shekel which gives a security network to terror.”

Minister of Education, Minister of Diaspora Affairs MK (The New Right) Naftali Bennett (Twitter, 17 February) 

“A Jewish- Israeli- Right will not release terrorists. Full stop.”



Minister of Finance, Chairman of Kulanu Party Moshe Kahlon (Twitter, 11 February)

“Deducting the salaries of Palestinian terrorists from the Palestinian Authority’s funds is right, just and moral. The ministry of finance is ready to make this cut according to the law. Once the sums that will be deducted are transferred to the cabinet by the minister of defense, we can do this with a push of a button."

Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, MK (Likud) Tzipi Hotovely (Twitter, 10 February)

“…we have to work on restoring deterrence by deporting terrorists’ families and implementing death penalty for terrorists…”

MK (Habayit Hayehudi) Bezalel Smotrich (Twitter, 10 February)

“Netanyahu, would you like to stop paying hundreds of millions of shekels to the murderous terrorists and their families?"

MK (Habayit Hayehudi) Mordhay (Moti) Yogev (Twitter, 10 February)

“ the next Knesset I will be keen to provide terrorists with tools of deterrence - deporting their families and demolishing their homes…”

MK (Yisrael Beitenu) Avigdor Lieberman (Twitter, 9 February)

“…we are obliged to (enact) a law regarding death penalty for terrorists!”

MK (Likud) Oren Hazan (Twitter, 9 February)

“…If you don’t stop terrorists’ salaries, if you don’t expel families and prevent cash transfer to the Gaza Strip-the blood of the next victims will be you on your hands!”

MK (Yisrael Beiteinu) Avigdor Liberman (Twitter, 9 February)

“It is impossible for a 19-year old girl to be murdered due to nationalistic motives, and that the vile killer will live for many years in luxurious conditions inside Israeli jail. We must change this reality, we must (enact) the law of death penalty for terrorists.”

Minister of Education, Minister of Diaspora Affairs, MK (The New Right) Naftali Bennett (Twitter, 9 February)

“This is the official tariff of the Palestinian Authority’s payments to terrorists. The greater the punishment the terrorist receives (= committed a horrific murder, murdering more Jews), the greater is his salary…”



 II.The ongoing Israeli Assault on Gaza


MK (Yesh Atid) Haim Jelin (Twitter, 18 February)

“While we celebrate the new lists running for Knesset elections, and while I am returning home from this interview, this is what we received from Gaza periphery. I pledge that wherever I will be, I will continue to fight and raise the awareness of the state of Israel to the war on the fence, the war on Gaza borders, we are not second class citizens.”

The Former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Occupying Army, and Head of the new political party “Israel Resilience” Benny Gantz (Twitter, 12 February)

“Netanyahu is paying for Hamas murderers a monthly amount of 15 million dollars in cash. In return, hundreds of rockets fell in the south, tens of thousands of dunums were burnt, we received hundreds of explosive kites and balloons, tens of thousands of our children are in the shelters. We won’t pay protection racket to Hamas and we will continue to protect the residents of the south.”

MK (Yesh Atid) Haim Jelin (Twitter, 8 February)

“Again as every Friday there are violent demonstrations in Gaza. This time they are actually trying to cross the borders. Pay attention to the distance between the line of the wheat plow and the Palestinian flag, nothing. Love you Israeli defense forces.”

















Spokesman of the Israeli Occupying  Army to Arabic-language Media, Avichay Adraee (Twitter, 8 February)

“In the last hour, with the resurgence of violent demonstrations at the #security_fence with #Gaza we monitored internal explosions of several explosive devices among the demonstrators, injuring a number of them. Terrorist organizations are again proving that their choice is to deliberately use terror means of explosive devices among demonstrators and thus risk their lives.”


Spokesman of the Israeli Occupying  Army to Arabic-language Media, Avichay Adraee (Twitter, 8 February)

“….Gaza residents, for your safety stay away from the security area close to the # security fence. Entering this area and using terror tools against the army or the fence will put your lives in danger.”

MK (Yisrael Beitenu) Avigdor Lieberman (Twitter, 6 February)

“Again, the false calm on the border with Gaza Strip is broken. Confrontation is inevitable. From our side, there is no need to wait to harm humans lives. We must return to the assassination policy and causing massive damage to the terror infrastructure.”

III.The Indigenous Palestinian Citizens of Israel


MK (Likud) Anat Berko (Facebook, 25 February)

“Imagine Zahalqa and his friends in the coalition. That is scary right? The horror scenario might become a reality if another party other than the Likud formed the government with the so called “obstructive block” and the joint list which hates Israel…..”

Leader of the new political party "Otzma Yehudit" (an offshoot of Kahane’s Kach party, designated as a terror organization and banned from Knesset lists since the 1980s), Michael Ben Ari, commenting on the visit of MK Ahmad Tibi to the family of prisoner Mahmoud Jabarin from Umm Al-Fahm city inside Israel (Twitter, 24 February)

“This man is the leader of murderers and an advisor for the senior murderer, he opens his mouth against rabbi Kahana…”

"Otzma Yehudit" responds to MK Ahmad Tibi (Twitter, 24 February)

“Ahmad Al-Tibi, who was the advisor for the senior murderer Yasser Arafat, who states that Hamas is not a terrorist organization, must not teach morals to the supporters of the people and state of Israel. Otzma Yehudit will work on ousting all the elements of the fifth column from the pro-terror parties in the Knesset.”

MK (Likud) Anat Berko (Twitter, 18 February)

“The Election Commission must terminate the candidacy of the National Democratic Assembly to the Knesset. Hopefully, the High Court of Justice will defend the country from its enemies operating within its home.”

MK (Yisrael Beitenu) Avigdor Lieberman (Twitter, 2 February)

“The content and message that came out of the National Democratic Assembly (Balad) conference which was held today, that they are talking about a fifth column and a betrayal of the country. We will continue to oust the National Democratic Assembly out of the law.”

MK (Likud) Anat Berko (Twitter, 2 February)

“The day that Zionist parties reject the nation-state law, in the conference held by the National Democratic Assembly this evening, everything is clear: a Palestinian state, a Palestinian flag, and a Palestinian anthem at the ruins of Jewish nation state. It is time to expel the National Democratic Assembly from the political arena, the party that negates our very existence and acts against the law.”

IV. President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Leadership


Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s office MK (Kulanu) Michael Oren (Twitter, 17 February)

“PA says that the Israelis’ decision to withhold the millions of dollars its pays to terrorists for killing Jews will damage security cooperation. Which is like saying that Israel will impair its security if it doesn’t transfer the cash to pay the Palestinian murderers of Jews.”

MK (Likud) Avi Dichter (Twitter, 11 February)

“Abu Mazen – threats, not against us! Are you going to continue paying salaries to terrorists? We will deduct your money. The law which I have initiated together with Elazar Stern will pass and will be implemented! The authority that establishes its existence on terrorists’ salaries is a terrorist authority and will be treated so accordingly.”

V. Additional Examples


Minister of Public Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Minister of Information MK (Likud) Gilad Erdan in an interview with Israeli Channel 10 (Twitter, 11 February)

“I think that when a Palestinian illegal resident commits a despicable crime murdering a Jew in the state of Israel, this must be defined as a murder for nationalistic motives despite what he will or will not say in the interrogation…we must remember with whom we deal, with decadent murderous people...we are talking about a broad phenomenon of terrorism that we are dealing with, we are dealing with people who have a homicidal culture.”

MK (Likud) Anat Berko (Twitter, 9 February)

“ …from their point of view, every case of killing a Jew and definitely harming Jewish women is an achievement justified by the Palestinian society who praises and rewards the killers. The homicidal culture is a value of the Palestinian society... “the Jewish blood” equals “the Arab dignity.”

MK (Likud) Anat Berko (Twitter, 7 February)

“Regression in ethics! Are the IDF building the Palestinian naval commando? To those who are preparing and aspiring to slaughter the residents of Israel as we saw in Zikim area…someone has forgotten that the Palestinians are an enemy!”

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