Israeli Official Incitement: January 2020

Israeli Incitement Reports
February 06, 2020

        Israeli Official Incitement: January 20201


I. Palestinian Prisoners, Martyrs, and their Families

Miri Regev- Minister of Culture and Sport, MK Likud (Facebook, 14 January) 

“Leah Tsemel2 terrorists’ attorney was thrashed yesterday twice. First her new appointment to chair the military court committee was frozen. The very tenure of those who represent despicable terrorists, whose sole purpose is to murder Israelis, is a spit in the faces of the bereaved families and IDF soldiers. Our duty is to fight terror and not to give a podium or support to terrorists and those supporting or representing them…..Secondly, the film 3 that documents her actions and supports terrorists was not included in the Oscar finalists nomination…”

Ayelet Shakid MK The New Right party in a televised Interview (Twitter, 8 January)

“Bennett in a month did what the other defense ministers didn’t. I promoted and sponsored the anti-terrorism law 4, with the support of this law Bennett was able to confiscate the terrorists’ money. The Palestinian Authority was paying money to families of Arab Israeli terrorists…”



II. The Indigenous Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Matan Kahana MK Likud (Twitter, 31 January)

“More than two months have passed and I have not yet received an answer from the Ministry of Finance and Culture in regards to the continued financing of the "Tmu-na" 5. “The Prisoners of the Occupation" 6 is an illegitimate play financed by the state. It is simple: Those whose cultural inspirations are derived from the murderers of soldiers and civilians should not get one penny from the state’s treasury.”

Avigdor Liberman MK leader of Yisrael Beitenu party (Twitter, 29 January)

 I welcome the decision of the Central Elections’ Commission to disqualify Heba Yazbak 7. The Supreme Court will adopt the resolution and not allow the terror supporter to be in the Knesset. Her seat is in Ramallah‘s parliament.”

Naftali Bennett - Defense Minister, MK Likud ( Twitter, 29 January)

The decision taken by the Elections’ Commission to disqualify the supporter 8 of terrorists is correct and justified. The line is clear: Terror supporters have no place in the Knesset ...she deserves to represent Hamas, not the citizens of Israel. We hope that the Supreme Court will respect this decision and not support Yazbak and her friends.”

Yoav Kisch MK Likud ( Twitter, 20 January)

“ ....supporters 9 of terror must be in prison not in the Knesset...”

Gilad Erdan- Minister of Public Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Minister of Information, MK Likud, on a visit paid by members of the Joint List party to Sheikh Ekrima Sabri10 Recently, the Israeli occupation authorities have banned Sheikh Ekrima Sabri from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound for four months (Twitter, 20 January)

“Ekrima Sabri is an inciter and a supporter of terror. This solidarity visit paid by members of the Joint List is another proof that they cause harm to the state of Israel and to the Arabs of Israel as well, so we must disqualify most of them from running in the Knesset elections. We will continue to strengthen our sovereignty in the Temple Mount and ban the entry of inciters.”

Yoaz Hendel MK Blue and White party (Twitter, 14 January)

“The Zionist’s compass is always focused right. Without a partnership with the Arab nationalists such as the Joint List 11 or Kahanists 12. Only with those who recognize us as a Jewish Democratic state. The cornerstone: defending the homeland, construction, settlement, immigration and development. Anyone whose compass is not focused on the aforementioned has abandoned the Zionist sphere."

Gilad Erdan - Minister of Public Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Minister of Information, MK Likud (Twitter, 14 January)

“Bishara, Ghattas, Zoabi, Yazbak 13 - all assist or support the despicable and bloodthirsty terrorists. But how can we imagine that they are part of a terrorist organization? It is just a coincidence that they are all from Balad- National Democratic Assembly. After all, Balad has not yet been officially declared a terrorist organization….”

III. President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Leadership


Moshe Ya’alon MK Blue and White party (Times of Israel, 29 January)

“Stop saying that it is possible to reach a peace agreement. It’s a dream. It’s a hallucination. The Palestinians have been peace rejecters for almost 100 years.”

Moshe Ya’alon MK Blue and White party (Rishet Beit, 28 January)

“Talking about an autonomy. It is good that they have political independence and not vote in the Knesset 14 . Whoever is awaiting peace with Palestinians does not know what he is talking about. For the past 30 years they have not responded to any compromise. I do not expect them to accept but there are interests. How will they live without out economy?”

Regavim, an illegal Settlers’ Organization ( Twitter, 6 January)

“ Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bennett, an Israeli sharp response to the PA’s “declarartion of war” is required . The PA’s Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh stated on Saturday their determination to strengthen Palestinian control over area C. We sent an appeal today to the Prime Minister and the small cabinet that we should respond with economic sanctions to prevent construction plans in the PA’s territories.”

Naftali Bennett- Defense Minister, MK The New Right (Twitter, 13 January)

“….It is unbelievable that the Palestinian Authority (the “Partner”) is paying terrorists for murdering Jews. 

IV. Palestinian Rights - In the Context of the Announcement of President Trump's Plan 


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  MK Chairman of Likud party (Twitter, 29 January)

“We are making history. It is a constitutive day for the state of Israel. US President Donald Trump's program strengthens us extraordinarily, it recognizes our sovereignty over all Jewish communities 15..."

Benny Gantz MK Chairman of Blue and White party in his address before the Institute for National Security Studies (INNS) conference on Trump’s so-called ‘Peace Plan’ ( Ma’arive in Hebrew- via Israel News Today, 30 January)

“As an Israeli patriot, I am telling you this evening that this plan faithfully reflects the fundamental principles stated in Blue and White’s platform and constitutes a basis for a future arrangement in the Middle East. I will therefore bring President Trump’s full plan to the Knesset next week for approval. The deal of the century is the second most historic event to take place this week. This is an historic opportunity to shape the State of Israel’s borders and future, it means a solution to the conflict instead of managing the conflict. After a decade of paralysis the time has come, and we must move forward. We want the State of Israel to be a safe, Jewish and democratic country. Safely separating from the Palestinians is the goal to which we must aspire as part of realizing this important and strategic goal.”

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein in response to Benny Gantz (Ma’arive in Hebrew- via Israel News Today, 30 January)

“I say to the prime minister: if you return from Washington and ask to convene the Knesset plenum to capitalize on the historic willingness of the US administration to apply Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria 16—I will convene the plenum at once! No matter the criticism, no matter how many harsh attacks, the right thing will be done.”

Naftali Bennett- Defense Minister, MK The New Right party (Yemina) (Ma’arive in Hebrew- via Israel News Today, 29 January)

 “Now the battle moves from the White House in Washington to the cabinet room in Jerusalem. We should not postpone this until after the elections, and should not agree to partial sovereignty—we should take everything now. In the coming days the order to apply sovereignty over the entire settlement areas should be brought to the cabinet table.” “Let it be clear—we will not allow the government of Israel to recognize a Palestinian State without any conditions. We will not allow Israel to give up one centimeter of land to the Arabs.”

Yossi Dagan an illegal settler and chairman of Settlers’ Regional Council Chairman in in the Occupied West Bank (Ma’arive in Hebrew- via Israel News Today, 29 January)

“The plan that was uncovered harbors a potential for an historic opportunity but also a danger. A terror state 17in the heart of Israel will not be established. We are willing to cut off our arm, rather than allow a terror state to be established at the heart of Israel. The public in Israel is determined. Sovereignty should be applied in Sunday’s cabinet meeting.”

Ayelet Shaked MK The New Right party in an Op-ed published on Channel 12 website on 29 January

“ …it is forbidden to accept the existence or the creation of a Palestinian state. Our starting point is that the creation of an Arab State in Judea and Samaria 18  is dangerous and irresponsible. Launching rockets from Gaza will be increased, and particularly, from Judea and Samaria – this time there won’t be any area in Israel that is not prone to rockets. In such a case Ben Gurion’s airport will be at the mercy of terror organizations…”