Israeli Official Incitement: July 2021

Israeli Incitement Reports
August 12, 2021

Israeli official Incitement: July 2021

The month of July witnessed a continuation of a fierce incitement campaign by Israeli officials, including members of the Knesset, right-wing Zionist parties, and settlers' organizations against the people of Palestine, particularly against Palestinian prisoners, martyrs, and their families, and against the Palestinian citizens of Israel mainly parliament members. This report presents examples of racist and hate-speech statements in addition to others endorsing Israeli colonization and annexation schemes against the land and people of Palestine.


I. Against Palestinian Prisoners, Martyrs, and their Families


Avi Dichter – Member of the Knesset for the Likud party (Facebook, 09 July)

“(…)On Sunday, a bill will be presented for legislation to the Ministers' committee, which I initiated, dealing with the Israeli terrorists1 who receive monthly wages from the Palestinian Authority and are still citizens of Israel. According to the proposed bill, which was signed by tens of MK's from majority of the parties, an Israeli terrorist who receives compensation from the Palestinian Authority, will have their citizenship revoked while they are incarcerated, and upon release will be deported to the Palestinian Authority territories to live among those who funded the terror of the Israeli terrorist (…)

Let every Israeli terrorist and his family know that the moment he agrees to receive a monthly wage from the Palestinian Authority with their arrest, he becomes not only their employee but also their citizen and his Israeli citizenship will be revoked."

Ofir Sofer – Member of the Knesset for the Likud party (Facebook, 14 July)

"Just came out of the vote on the "revoking of citizenship from terrorists" bill2, a bill that the anti-Zionist government chose to take down. The government, headed by Bennett and Lapid3, allows terrorists4 to return to their homes as heroes."

Nir Orbach – Member of the Knesset for the Yemina party (Facebook, 11 July)

"Today, after months of fighting, Justice has been done in Israel. The ministerial Political Security Committee approved the deduction of funds transferred to terrorists5 and/or their families from the Palestinian Authority. The terrorism funds Collection Act was enacted in 2018 but almost never applied. In short, the law states that the Security Minister sends a detailed report to the political security committee giving details of the Palestinian Authority's funds and what it has paid to the terrorists and/or their families, and the amount deducted or frozen the following year(...)"


II. Against the Indigenous Palestinian Citizens of Israel


Im Tirtzu movement6 (Twitter, 16 July)

"The security of Israel cannot rely on those who act like an enemy from within7. Operation Guardians of the Walls8 and the riots this year are a wake-up call to the dangers from people9 who not only choose to stand with our enemy10, but some of them took actual part in hurting Israelis (…)"

Amichai Chikli – MK for Yemina party (Facebook, 26 July)

"(…) What we experienced here was an Intifada. Nationalist-murderous uprising of people11 who want to kill Jews for being Jews, here, in the land of Israel. The police do not understand its role, it thought the role was to create calm and restore order.

"Separate the buds" the confused commissioner12 said, thinking he is the commissioner of the UN.  You are not the commissioner of the UN, you are the commander of a security force called the Israeli Police! You are tested on one thing: The personal security of the citizens of Israel. You did not achieve this? You failed."

Amichai Chikli – Member of the Knesset for the Yemina party (Facebook, 04 July)  

"The problem of violence in Arab society13 cannot be solved without solving the basic question - the Arab society's attitude towards the state of Israel. As long as there is no recognition of state institutions (…) we cannot help. The Arab community must choose whether it is part of the state of Israel or not14." 

Simcha Rothman – Member of the Knesset for the Religious Zionism party (Twitter, 26 July)

"The riots in the mixed cities15 proved that there is no Green Line. Our enemies from outside and within16 are working against the state of Israel, as if there was no Green Line. That is why it is very important that the Land of Israel lobby work on settlements in all parts of the land, and it is time that the state of Israel treats all part of the land of Israel equally17."


Itamar Ben Gvir – Member of the Knesset for the Religious Zionism party (Facebook, 27 July)

"Someone tell this punk18 who glorifies martyrs19, that no one has to call him Sir. He wants to be a Sir, he can go to the parliament in Syria or Ramallah, they like terrorists like him there.

And if you are already talking to him, how about you update him that he may not be a symbol of a car20, but he is a symbol of terrorism, and we will do anything in our power to kick him and his terror supporting friends21 out of the Knesset."

Ofir Sofer – Member of the Knesset for the Likud party (Facebook, 05 July)

"Whoever formed a government with the support of terrorism supporters22, after brazenly broking his promises to his voters – cannot preach morals now. Above all, it is the national responsibility not to form a government with terrorist supporters. Period23.”

Shlomo Karhi – Member of the Knesset for the Likud party (Facebook, 06 July)

"We do not choose the opposition, but we choose the coalition, and yes, they choose24 the supporters of terrorism, anti-Zionists25, therefore they26 have no right to exist," I replied to Geula Even-Sa’ar27. We do not trust Shaked28. Abbas29 will ask for everything he pleases, and Shaked will nod and execute."

Avi Dichter – Member of Knesset for the Likud party (Facebook, 06 July)

"In recent days, I have worked hard among my colleagues from the Likud and the opposition to explain the implications of not passing the citizenship law30 and the expected damage to state security.

After we found out that the coalition signed an agreement with terrorism supporters31, an agreement which affords thousands of Palestinians (3000 families) a place in Israel, and after the Prime Minister declared that the voting will be a vote for confidence in the government, I voted against the government, as did the rest of the opposition.

On the parliament table is a proposed law that would put an end to the Palestinians' attempt to achieve the "right of return" through reunification (...)"