Israeli Official Incitement: June 2021

Israeli Incitement Reports
July 15, 2021


Israeli Official Incitement: June 2021

With the swearing-in of the new Israeli government on 13 June 2021, senior Israeli officials, including members of the Knesset, right-wing Zionist parties, and settlers' organizations, have continued waging a ferocious wave of incitement against Palestinian citizens of Israel, mainly parliament members, as well as against the Palestinian people and their leadership. This report highlights examples of official Israeli racism and hate speech and statements endorsing colonization and annexation schemes against the land and people of Palestine.


I. Against the Palestinian People 


Itamar Ben Gvir – Member of the Knesset for the Religious Zionism party (Facebook, 19 June)

"Again riots in the neighborhood of "Shimon Hatzadik1. " During Shabbat, Arab vandals2 violently attacked the Jewish population3. I am worriedly watching the Arabs' attempts to take control, who are attacking Jews and attempting to kick them out of their homes (…)

Lach Jerusalem Settlers' Organization4  (Facebook,  06 June)

"The reality in which the children of Jerusalem are raised to hate and delegitimize the state of Israel is a reality, which needs to be pulled out from the roots. The incitement of the Schmidt’s school5, which belongs to the German ministry of education, is a red line in the education system in East Jerusalem. The German government and the European Union need to explain how in an official German school anti- Semitism raises its head and voices denying the existence of the state of Israel are heard!"

Maor Zemach – Chairman of Lach Jerusalem Settlers’ organization (Twitter, 21 June)

"Severe incitement during the graduation ceremony at the municipal school of science at Beit Safafa in Jerusalem. Parents and students calling incitement against the state of Israel. "In spirit and blood we will redeem Al-Aqsa”. A severe public incitement has no place in an official Israeli school. The minister of education must investigate thoroughly and summon the school management to a hearing!"

Im Tirtzu Movement6  (Twitter, 28 June)

"When the majority of the requests for family reunifications are approved by the state, and the second generation7 is three times more involved in terrorist acts against Israel, relative to their percentage of the population, it means a red line must be draw."

Bezalel Smotrich – Member of the Knesset for the Religious Zionism party (Twitter, 29 June)

“There is a limit to hypocrisy. As long as Khan al-Ahmar8 and thousands of other illegal Arab buildings are standing, there is no reason in the world for Avitar9 to be evacuated.

The settlers have displayed a sense of responsibility and agreed to a compromise and is discriminating against them in order to prevent a confrontation.

The government must stand behind these agreements, and should it negate, it will be held fully responsible for the result".”

Itamar Ben Gvir – Member of the Knesset for the Religious Zionism party (Facebook, 27 June"

“I toured the Temple Mount10 today, accompanied by policemen, as a response to a video posted online by Arabs. We will never relinquish the Temple Mount11. We are talking about the most sacred place for the people of Israel.

The situation on the mountain is improving, but our demand is full sovereignty, raising the Israeli flag and expelling all Waqf elements seeking to harm us. The threats encourage me to continue to work for the Temple Mount, the people and the land."

Bezalel Smotrich – Member of the Knesset for the Religious Zionism party (Twitter, 24 June)

"What is happening in the Avitar settlement and is expanding to other places in Judea and Samaria12 is suffocating terrorism13, no lesser than war crimes. The fact that the military allows this is unacceptable. I approached the Minister of Security in the morning to request that the army be ordered to eradicate terrorism immediately in every possible way."