Israeli Official Incitement: March 2024

Israeli Incitement Reports
May 02, 2024


I. Against the Palestinian people/Endorsing genocide and the forced transfer of Palestinians from Gaza


Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)[1]

“This IDF[2] soldier should be supported fully for removing the shirt inciting for the killing of Jews from a young terrorist in Hebron (…)The soldier acted exactly as expected of him and based on IDF values – and not based on the conception values.”

Ariel Kallner, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“(…) for years, the State of Israel relied on construction workers from the Palestinian Authority[3]. Now, the public in Israel is not accepting it anymore. And rightly so. Relying on friendly factors is problematic. Even more so when we are talking about residents of a hostile entity, that according to studies and surveys, over 80% of its residents support the horrific massacre of Simchat Torah[4](…).”

Eli Cohen, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Member of Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“The State of Israel will continue to fight until the return of the hostages and the collapse of Hamas. Any call for a ceasefire[5] without these conditions is a supportive wind to terrorist organizations in the world, and it will bring terrorism to the west too.”

Ariel Kallner, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“I support Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the proud, strong, Jewish stand for the people of Israel. The Biden administration might have forgotten 7.10. We remember well. And now: To Rafah, to victory [6](…).”

Moshe Sa’ada, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“I support the Prime Minister for his steadfast stand[7] for the principles of the State of Israel. A ceasefire cannot happen without the release of hostages and the decision of the USA is hurting the efforts and pressure that will bring their release.  Now, it is our duty to conquer Rafah immediately and powerfully, to return the hostages and destroy Hamas completely. It is time to act.”

Boaz Bismuth, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“We have said from the beginning – returning the hostages and eliminating terrorism are central and important goals. We will not allow any conditioning on the subject, and there will definitely not be a reward of a ceasefire. Besides the military arena – we are in a campaign also in the political arena and we must stand united to win them.”

Avi Dichter, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“The month of Ramadan is not a month for Olympic Games, during which in the past wars were paused to allow the Olympics to happen. Terrorism never distinguished Ramadan from Shaaban (The month before Ramadan). We will destroy the terrorism of Hamas and the Jihad in Gaza before, during, and after Ramadan.”

Almog Cohen, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“Mr. Prime Minister. Rafah should have been conquered in Ramadan already. When Hamas terrorists are tired and exhausted and fasting. This is the best time to introduce them to their maker. Without mercy!”

Avi Dichter, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, MK for Likud Party (Facebook, 21 March 2024)

“I salute our dear security forces for the glorified operation in Shifa[8]. This is not what a hospital looks like. This is a factory for terrorists!”

Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for the Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 21 March 2024)

“I just presented in the committee the photos of the trees uprooting this morning in Nokdim[9] to the representatives of the Civil Administration.  Demanding answers on how it is possible that there is enough manpower to uproot trees in Nokdim but not for massive illegal Palestinian construction. (…)[10]

May Golan, Minister for Social Equality and the Advancement of the Status of Women, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 20 March 2024)

“(…) there is no starvation in Gaza. There are people hungry for Jewish flesh and blood in Gaza. The moment they hand over the enemy from within them, remove the existential threat from above us – peace will settle. Until then, let Hamas stop looting the aid with live ammunition, and maybe there won’t be hunger (…)”

Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 18 March 2024)

“Our heroic fighters are in a difficult battle in Shifa hospital against many vicious terrorists. I only have one question. Why isn’t this terrorism headquarters being bombed from the air? Who are we showing mercy to?”

Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, Chairman of Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 18 March 2024)

“Our soldiers are currently in a complex and vital operation in Shifa against vicious use of hospitals for terrorism by Hamas. We will not allow shelter for terrorism anywhere (…)”

Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 12 March 2024)

“The head of the Central Unit[11] in Judea and Samaria[12] during a discussion today regarding complaints of anarchists[13] and Palestinians against settlers: ‘The majority of the complaints are deliberate complaints by extreme leftist organizations[14] who are in Tel Aviv, declaring that there is violence of right-wing activists.’”

Danny Danon, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 12 March 2024)

“We respect and appreciate the support of our American friends, but the security of Israel is above all. Rafah now!”

Sharren Miriam Haskel, MK for National Unity Party (Twitter, 12 March 2024)

“Following my appeal, the lecturer Shalhub-Kevorkian[15] was suspended. I thank the University’s rector for acting determinedly against the incitement and harm against the State of Israel.”

Yoav Kisch, Minister of Education, Likud party (Twitter, 12 March 2024)

“I was shocked to hear the incitement of Professor Nadera from the Hebrew (University). I reached out to the president of the university, and I attach the response of the institution. According to the president of the Hebrew, without a police charge, there is nothing he can do to suspend her. The situation of this hate against Israel and Zionism within higher education is dangerous and intolerable. A complaint against her will be filed today with the police, and I hope an immediate investigation is opened into the matter. In parallel, I will work to examine the event with at the Malag[16] to find additional tools to deal with the inciting lecturer.”

Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, Chairman of Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 12 March 2024)[17]

“What, in the name of God, made people sit in a coffee shop[18], and falsely report and make up fictions about the violence of settlers who risk their lives daily against the Arab enemy, and hurt the State of Israel? Where is this evil from?”

Gideon Sa’ar, Minister in the War Cabinet, MK for New Hope Party (Twitter, 11 March 2024)

“Transferring orphans[19]  from Gaza to Judea and Samaria– wrong. Hiding the matter from the security cabinet – severe. Bottom line: It does not seem that this move got us any real political credit.

Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 8 March 2024)[20]

“Sending aid into the Strip is fuel for Hamas – and now, adding insult to injury in the security system and giving weapons to Gazans (!) Unfortunately, there are those who have not learned anything from 7.10, the conception that has brought us the horrible disaster still exists among some of the heads and members of the security system. We must realize that there is no partner on the other side. The security of the citizens of Israel cannot be handed to anyone. Our fate is in our hands alone.”

Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 8 March 2024)

“The leadership of the security apparatus has gone bankrupt. And this leadership really wants to arm Palestinians in Gaza to secure the humanitarian aim while our heroic soldiers are fighting in Gaza (…)There is no lunacy more dangerous than this! The mere idea of trusting Palestinians in Gaza during a war, while armed Hamas men are walking around Gaza, is a deep failure in thought!(…)”

Tzvika Foghel, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 7 March 2024)

“If I was in the Prime Minister’s place, I would have told Biden that I do not work for his personal political campaign, I appreciate our friendship a lot, but I am committed to terminating Hamas, and I am committed to do all that I can to bring back all the hostages home. Therefore, with all due respect, I would attack Rafah the next day, and prepare to attack Lebanon after a time, because I am committed to returning my citizens home. No American will die defending us.”

Simcha Rothman, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 7 March 2024)[21]

“Very disturbing. The former head of the Shabak, who doesn’t understand that paying salaries to terrorism is encouraging terrorism, that hiring terrorists in uniform is encouraging terrorism. That distributing pamphlets supporting terrorism at mosques is encouraging terrorism. We must make sure that these conceptions are extinct from the system.”

Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, Chairman of Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 6 March 2024)

“Continuing to build the land! 18,515 permits this year in Judea and Samaria.[22] Alongside construction permits, we are making a huge investment in the development of infrastructure for transportation, employment, and quality of life. The enemies are trying to hurt and weaken us, but we will continue to build and be built[23] in this land.”

Ariel Kallner, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 6 March 2024)

“It is important that the citizens of Israel know that they will pay child benefits to the parents of this “gem”[24], even as he eats and drinks at our expense in prison. This is “exactly” the thing that my bill proposal to revoke child benefits from minor terrorists came to fix.[25] In the past, BAGATZ[26] rejected the bill, but I have no intention of accepting this insanity.”

Tally Gotliv, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 5 March 2024)

“The army’s leadership is planning to open another crossing for the transfer of aid to our enemies in Gaza[27]! They are calling it humanitarian aid. I prefer to be exact. The Rafah[28] and Kerem Shalom[29] crossings are not enough, 220 trucks of products and fuel are not enough.  The important thing is what the world says about us.
By the way, the world will only respect us for our might! Where is the prime minister to be heard on this issue?”

II. Against President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Leadership


Limor Son Har-Melech, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 22 March 2024)

“Only last Tuesday we convened the lobby for the State of Israel to warn against the immediate danger of the Palestinian Authority and its full partnership in terrorism (…) The shoe must drop[30] for the security apparatus that views the authority as a partner in the fight against terrorism (…).”

Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, Chairman of Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 21 March 2024) [31]

“The cabinet clearly decided that Fatah is not an option for the day after the war. If the mentioned meetings were conducted without the approval of the political level, it is a severe action to the highest degree (…)”

Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Finance, Chairman of Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 15 March 2024)[32]

“Do not dress up and put on a mask on the Palestinian terror Authority. The blood of our heroic fighters is not a silver tray to re-nurture the authority, neither in Gaza nor in Judea and Samaria. And definitely no steps that will give it a terror state that will threaten the existence of Israel.”

Yitzhak Kroizer, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 7 March 2024)

“The former head of the Shabak[33], like many other senior members of the security apparatus are captives of the old conception. Unfortunately, even the horrible massacre did not wake them up. The Palestinian Authority that denies the holocaust, pays salaries to terrorists[34], and its education system teaches terrorism and hate of Jews (…) the Authority is the enemy that must be destroyed. If we do not kill the conception, the conception will kill us.”

III. And Against the Indigenous Palestinian Citizens of Israel


Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 20 March 2024)

“The support of some of the left for Ahmad Tibi[35] is now a matter of mental health. A man stands on the Knesset podium, and calls IDF soldiers war criminals who commit slaughter and starvation. He is the advisor of senior terrorist, Arafat, who still to this day did not retract his statement that Hamas is a legitimate organization (…)”

Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beitenu (Israel our Home) Party (Twitter, 20 March 2024)[36]

“The only crime is that Odeh[37], the terrorism supporter, is serving as a member of the Knesset instead of the parliament in Ramallah. He cannot continue to receive his salary from taxes paid by Israeli citizens for another day.”

VI. Against UN Organizations


Benjamin Gantz, Minister in the War Cabinet, MK for National Unity Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“The State of Israel has a moral obligation to continue the fighting until the return of the hostages and removal of the Hamas threat, and that is what we will do. The decision of the (UN) Security Council does not hold any operational meaning for us, and either way, we will continue to listen to our friends, and we will always do what is right for the security of Israel (…)” 

Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Press Release, 25 March 2024)[38]

“The decision of the UN’s Security Council proves what has been known forever – this is an anti-Semitic institution with an anti-Semitic SG[39], who encourages Hamas towards complete victory. On the other hand, the choice of President Biden to not veto the decision on the part of the USA proves that he is not putting the victory of Israel and the free world over terrorism on the top of his priorities, his political considerations are. Especially following this decision, we must increase our force in the war and continue to strive with full force, at any price, for the destruction of Hamas.”

Israel Katz, Minister of Foreign Affairs, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 23 March 2024)

“The US decision to halt funding to UNRWA is a clear vote of no confidence in UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Under his leadership, UNRWA has become a terrorist arm of Hamas, with its employees involved in the horrific massacre on October 7. Anyone who refuses to condemn Hamas's crimes and fails to respond to calls for the dismissal of UNRWA Chief Lazzarini - must go home themselves.”

Gilad Erdan, Permanent Ambassador of Israel to the United Nations (Twitter, 11 March 2024)

“I replied harshly to the lies that the SG spread today, who called our fight against Hamas: “A catastrophically assault on Gaza”. The SG proves that he is only focused on aiding the murderous terrorist organization, Hamas, in surviving, not on the struggle to release hostages. A ceasefire means abandoning our hostages to the hands of rapists and murderous. Very sad.”

Avigdor Lieberman, MK for Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) Party (Twitter, 5 March 2024)

“The refusal of the UNSG to convene the Security Council to discuss the report that was published yesterday[40], which definitely points to rape and severe sexual violence committed by the Hamas monsters against the hostages, is a clear prove that he is a hypocrite and anti-Semitic. I call upon the Minister of Foreign Affairs[41] to declare Antonio Guterres a persona non grata in Israel, and summon the coordinator for Middle East affairs[42] for a reprimand. Additionally, ceasing all contact with UNRWA must be announced immediately, as well as prohibiting all its activities in the areas of Judea and Samaria and Gaza.”

Yulia Malinovsky, MK for Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home) Party (Twitter, 4 March 2024)

“The reveal of the horrifying recordings of the UNRWA terrorists[43] is infuriating mainly because this terrorist organization is still active and receives support from the state of Israel. The UNRWA terrorists are documented as they brag about kidnapping women and children and calling them slaves. Now it is known that over 450 employees of UNRWA organization are Hamas activists who receive salaries from it. Everyone already understands that UNRWA is a terrorist organization. Everyone, except the Israeli government, is doing everything in its power to thwart the bill proposal I submitted to declare UNRWA as a terrorist organization. What is the prime minister scared of? What is hiding behind his reluctance to make such a needed and just decision?”

Danny Danon, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 4 March 2024)

“The recordings that were revealed tonight, in which UNRWA employees, took an active part in the slaughter, leave no room for doubt – UNRWA has become a branch of Hamas, and therefore it is time to dismantle it. We will settle the score with all terrorists who took part in the massacre. The prime minister objects! Unfortunately, the one running things is the senior military ranks, and everyone is quiet.”

V. Additional Examples


Danny Danon, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 25 March 2024)

“The Prime Minister is right in his harsh approach to the Security Council’s decision discussed tonight. Our enemies are trying to forget what happened on October seventh and why we went on this righteous war. Yesterday, at the international conference in Geneva, I was shocked when SA[44] tried to pass a resolution calling for the release of hostages and “all political prisoners” of Hamas. After they failed in the Hague, they are now trying to create a twisted equation where murderers and rapists are the victims.”

Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, MK for Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power) Party (Twitter, 14 March 2024)

“The decision of the US Ministry of Finance to impose sanctions[45] on settlers is another proof that the American administration does not understand who the enemy is and who they love. The settlers are the best of our sons, who are building, settling, and bringing security to the state. They should be saluted, not stabbed in the back.”

Tzvi Yedidia Sukkot, MK for Religious Zionism Party (Twitter, 14 March 2024)

“The American sanctions imposed against the citizens of Israel, which is baseless, is delusional, despicable, and ugly. The State of Israel must protect its citizens, even against friendly countries. We will do everything to protect the citizens of Israel.”

Ariel Kallner, MK for Likud Party (Twitter, 11 March 2024)

“Al-Jazeera and its likes are not channels under the sponsorship of free expression, and democracy was not meant so that foreign states and hostile bodies take advantage of it to harm the country. There are improvements that I am interested in including in the bill, such as removing Al-Jazeera from Yes and Hot platforms[46] permanently, and I intend to fight for that (…)”

Orit Malka Strock, Minister of Settlement and National Missions, MK for Religious Zionist Party (Twitter, 6 March 2024)

“We will build our homeland because we have no other land. We will build our homeland.
It is our bloods’ order[47], the order for generations. We will build our land despite all those who want to destroy us. We will build our land with our will power.  Almost 3500 new housing units in Judea and Samaria[48].  We promised, we deliver. Thank you Bezalel Smotrich. Together we will continue to promote the settlement(s).”



[1] Referring to a video published on Kann News that shows an occupation soldier forcibly removing the shirt of a Palestinian child in Hebron.

[2] Referring to the Israeli occupation forces (IOF)

[3] Referring to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

[4] Referring to the events of 7 October 2024

[5] On 25 March, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2728 calling for an immediate ceasefire during Ramadan, the immediate and unconditional release of "hostages," and ensuring humanitarian access to Gaza. There were 14 votes in favor, with the United States abstaining.

[6] MK Kallner endorses genocide against Palestinians in Gaza by urging the Israeli government to disregard UNSCR 2728 and invade Rafah. As of February 2024, Rafah is home to 1.5 million refugees displaced by Israeli bombardment.

[7] Netanyahu canceled Israel's trip to Washington after the US abstained from using its veto power against the UNSC resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

[8] On 18 March, IOF raided Al-Shifa medical complex in Gaza and besieged it for two weeks during which they committed heinous crimes against Palestinians inside the complex and its environs in addition to burning the hospitals’ buildings and departments.

[9] An illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank

[10] Referring to an event during which the IOF and the so-called Civil Administration uprooted trees illegally planted on Palestinian land by Jewish settlers. See article.

[11] Referring to the police division in charge of law enforcement in the center of Israel and some areas of the occupied West Bank.

[12] Referring to the occupied West Bank of the State of Palestine

[13] Israeli left wing activists

[14] Referring to a number of human rights organizations active in the occupied West Bank against the Israeli occupation. Many of their activists have been attacked by Jewish settlers.

[15] Referring to Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, a Palestinian lecturer who was suspended from her position by the Hebrew university following a statement she made accusing Israel of war crimes. See article.

[16] The Israeli Council for Higher Education.

[17] In response to a post by the Knesset channel, stating that 191 cases against settlers were opened for violence and that 50% are false reports.

[18] Referring to Israeli left wing organizations advocating against the occupation.

[19] According to Times of Israel, the Israeli occupation army has faced criticism after a report by Channel 12 news that 70 Gazan orphans were moved to the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem in a move coordinated by the so-called Defense Ministry and the National Security Council. The children were moved from the SOS Children’s Village in Gaza to a facility in Bethlehem at the request of the German embassy, via the Taba crossing near Eilat.   

[20] In response to an article titled: In response to an article titled: “The security system wants to arm Palestinians in Gaza, Netanyahu objects.” subtitle: The intention is to already arm locals who are not Hamas supporters, who will secure the humanitarian aid that has been looted or is controlled by the terrorist organization (…)”

[21] In response to a post by Israeli journalist Shirit Cohen quoting former head of the Shabak, Nadav Argaman, saying that Palestinian Government is not a body that encourages terrorism.

[22] In response to an article in Israel Hayom announcing the approval of Israeli construction of illegal settlement units in the occupied West Bank. On 6 March, the so-called Civil Administration’s High Planning Subcommittee, approved the construction of 3,426 new settlement units in “Ma’ale Adumim,” “Efrat,” and “Keidar” settlements.

[23] Referring to the Jewish people. meaning the Jewish people will continue to be built

[24] Referring to a 14-year-old Palestinian child, whose name is not mentioned in the article, and is accused of allegedly stabbing a Jewish settler.

[25] The bill proposal intends to withhold childcare benefits from parents whose children were convicted of terrorism in Israeli courts. This is a fixed monthly amount given to residents of Israel for each child under the age of 18.

[26] Referring to the so-called Israeli High Court of Justice

[27] Referring to every single Palestinian life in Gaza (including the elderly, women, children, and babies).

[28] The only exit point between Egypt and the Gaza Strip for Palestinians and foreign nationals.

[29] Known as Karm Abu Salem. It's the primary military checkpoint and the only route for fuel, aid, and goods going in and out of Gaza.

[30] Meaning they must understand

[31] In response to a post by journalist Moriah Asraf Wolberg, stating that in recent weeks there have been secret meetings to discuss the day after the war in Gaza.

[32] In response to a post by “Abu Ali Express,” an Israeli channel that covers Arab Affairs on Social Media addressing the appointment of a new Palestinian government, and how the American administration congratulated the new Palestinian PM Mohammad Mustafa. The post claims that this is an American attempt to “re-brand the image of the Palestinian government to present a new partner for peace.”

[33] Referring to the Israeli Occupation Security Agency

[34] Referring to monthly social allowances paid by the Palestinian Government to Palestinian prisoners, martyrs, and their families

[35] Arab Palestinian MK , chairman of Ta’al party

[36] In response to statements made by MK Ayman Odeh, in which he said “What the army is doing there (in Gaza) is murder. This is slaughter – starving children.”

[37] Referring to Ayman Odeh , Arab Palestinian MK, chairman of Hadash party

[38] Ibid

[39] Referring to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

[40] On 4 March, the UN released a report confirming that it found “reasonable grounds” to be believe Hamas committed sexual violence against Israeli women on 7 October.

[41] Israel Katz, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, MK for the Likud party

[42] UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland.

[43] Referring to recordings released by the IOF, purportedly featuring two UNRWA employees confessing their involvement in 7 October events. See article.

[44] South Africa

[45] According to Times of Israel, Biden administration is expected to impose new sanctions on two illegal colonial installations (settlement outposts) in the occupied West Bank that were used as a base for settlers’ attacks against Palestinians.

[46] Israel's two most prominent telecommunications and cable television companies.

[47] Meaning it’s the most important issue

[48] See footnote 25

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