Israel's Official Incitement: October 2020

Israeli Incitement Reports
November 10, 2020

Israeli Official Incitement: October 2020

This report underlines the inciting statements made by senior Israeli officials, including members of the parliament and the settlers’ movement, against the Palestinian leadership and people. Additionally, it highlights the fierce incitement campaign against the Palestinian members of the Joint List party for being the sole party that voted against Israel’s normalization agreements with the UAE and Bahrain in the Knesset on 15 October 2020.


I. Palestinian Prisoners, Martyrs, and their Families


Avi Dichter – Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 21 October)

“The stipends for Israeli terrorists1 are not at our expense!!! I proposed a bill to the Knesset that would freeze all stipends paid by the state of Israel to terrorists and their families, who also receive a monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority as a reward for killing Israelis (…) The bill seeks to correct a historical injustice, in which every terrorist or accomplice in a terrorist attack receives a monthly salary of up to 12,500 NIS from the Palestinian Authority. At the same time, he receives an annuity for himself or his family at the Israeli taxpayer’s expense. The Knesset must stop this reality! Enough!”

Avi Dichter – Member of Likud party (Facebook, 26 October)

“(…) I have proposed a bill to the Knesset that revokes the citizenship of a terrorist prisoner who receives a monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority. His release from prison will also be his “release” from Israel. His residency and citizenship will be Palestinian. Those who pay the salary should also grant citizenship!”


Im Tirtzu2 organization , (Facebook, 25 October)

“Demonstrators for the Islamic Jihad terrorist 3, and for the country that does not exist 4, and if one day it is established, it will become the largest terrorist state in the world.”

II. The Indigenous Palestinian Citizens of Israel


Uzi Dayan – Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 20 October)

“You are right, Odeh 5– The UAE agreement is (also) an alliance against Iran. Against the Shiite nuclear bomb, against terrorism, against the axis of evil! There is nothing more democratic than a peace and normalization agreement. You, who are voting against the peace agreement, are a danger to democracy and your voters will soon understand that you are offering them precisely what Abu Mazen is offering to the Palestinians - despair, poverty, and ignorance!”


Zvi Hauser – Member of Derech Eretz Party and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, (Facebook , 15 October)

“Peace with the United Arab Emirates is good news for all of us as Israelis. Jews and Arabs. The Arabs of Israel can be a bridge for peace with the countries of the region.

The Joint List prefers a separatist interest over the overall Israeli interest. It does not represent the Arabs of Israel and proves once again that they do not share the Israeli vision for the future.”

Ofir Akunis – Minister of Regional Cooperation, Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 14 October)

This is exactly what we say, “the cat is out of the bag.”6

They wanted7 to form a government with whoever would vote against the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.”

Avi Dichter – Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 17 October)

“The Abrahamic Agreement is the beginning of a new and real Middle East.

This time, too, we can see the Palestinian Authority’s anger and sadness through the members of the Joint List who did not share the joy.

Members of the Joint List voted against peace, and the rest of the Knesset in favor. Therefore, I greeted the people of the Emirates in Arabic, so they would know what the people of Zion really think about peace with them.”

Shlomo Karhi – Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 15 October)

“(...) How unfortunate, but not surprising, that the Arab minority representatives here, in the Knesset of Israel, are once again missing a historic opportunity. Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas, and the Palestine Liberation Organization oppose this peace agreement. The Joint List proved once again today that it prefers to stand on the terrorist side rather than the moderate side, the peace side. Perhaps the representatives of the left here, who are still thinking of forming a government with the Joint List, will come to their senses and understand the magnitude of the absurdity.

  • The Palestinians no longer have and will no longer have the right to veto peace in our region. If they want - they too can join the moving peace cart, and we will even reach out to them. If not – a new Middle East will be formed without them!

  • In any case, I oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state! As a Jew, as a citizen of the State of Israel, and as a Knesset member for the Likud Party. There is room, legitimacy, and right, for only one state, for the nation-state of the Jewish people, from the sea to Jordan (...).”

Zeev Elkin – Minister of Higher and Secondary Education and Water Resources, Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 15 October)

“Today we ratified the peace agreement with the United Arab Emirates in the Knesset. A historic day. Today we proved that it is possible to make peace with the Arab world without concessions on the land of the ancestors, without establishing a Palestinian state. Peace for peace, not peace for the victims of peace. Today, the Joint List proved once again that it does not seek peace for the Israelis, but rather is working according to orders from Ramallah!”

Uzi Dayan - Member of Likud party, (Twitter, 26 October)

“We have approved a clear and conclusive decision by the Security and Foreign Affairs Committee - banning the showing of the deceptive film, Jenin, Jenin8. Then I will go to meet the families affected by terrorism who have come to the Supreme Court demanding to withdraw the terrorists’ residency (...)”.

III. President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Leadership


Regavim9 Movement, (Twitter, 28 October)

“To sum up, our students, this is the Palestinian Authority’s method; they build without a permit, they take over vast areas under Israeli control, they appeal against law enforcement systems, they abuse the judicial process, they obstruct implementing orders, and they complete building and take over the place (...)”.

Regavim Movement, (Facebook, 22 October)

“Look reality straight in the eye: Knesset members go into the field.

Today we participated in a tour of the “Gush Etzion”10 area with Knesset members from the Land of Israel Committee11 on the painful issue of Palestinian’s takeover of Area C, and the challenge of preserving state lands (...) we were able to reveal to the Knesset members the extent of the Palestinian Authority’s takeover of the area. We can see the Palestinian Authority’s attempt to establish a Palestinian state and shape the state of Israel’s permanent borders. When the tour ended, it was clear that the Knesset members must continue to work for the struggle for Area C, because there is no doubt that continued inaction on our part will mean crying for generations to come (...).”

Avi Dichter – Member of Likud Party, (Facebook, 12 October)

“(…)We understood that the Palestinian Authority not only has no interest in fighting terrorism against Israelis (…)Today, as then, when I held the position of head of the Shin Bet and Minister of Internal Security, I am convinced that we must fight the terrorists without rest and concessions. The terrorist’s barrel has a bottom!”

Against the Late PLO Secretary-General and the Chief Palestinian Negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat


Im Tirtzu organization, (Facebook, 19 October)

“Well, it seems that Erekat’s condition has worsened, and they are consulting professionals around the world for proper treatment.

We are going to demonstrate today in front of the hospital, and this requires an explanation;

We emphasize that there is no reason for Israeli citizens to pay for the provision of VIP treatment for their enemies. It would have been cheaper to fly this supporter of terrorism to Jordan or Lebanon for treatment.

  1. The attempt to tell ourselves, “Wow, what an ethical people we are to treat people who are working to destroy us (…).

  2.  Let us remember for a moment who is Saeb Erekat, the millionaire, known to all the Arabs in the Middle East to be fundamentally corrupted.

  1. He promotes intensive activity against Israel at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

  2. Provides financial aid from the Palestinian Authority to BDS organizations, some of which have ties to terrorist organizations.

  3. He is the mastermind and executor of the Palestinian Authority’s quiet occupation plan for Area C of Israel(…)

  4. He works worldwide to create international pressure on Israel in order to allow the “right of return” of the Arabs into Israel, so that it will be erased from the map (…) The salaries in the Palestinian Authority are less than 2,000 NIS. In other words, he stole the international aid money (all the Palestinian Authority does this), but that does not mean that this is fine. Government of Israel – deduct the money for his treatment from the Palestinian Authority funds! This is the least you can do! He stole millions for himself anyway. He is the last person entitled to complain.”