Brief on Israeli Settlement Schemes since the resumption of negotiations

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November 05, 2013
  • New Tenders for 2286 Units in the Occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, between 3/11/13 and 4/11/13

Since the first trilateral US-Israel-Palestine meeting on July 30th 2013 to resume peace negotiations, the Government of Israel has escalated announcements of illegal settlement activity all over the occupied State of Palestine, particularly in and around occupied East Jerusalem. Two days before USA Secretary John Kerry’s visit, Israel's Government issued tenders for 2,286 units in the  occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

(3/11/13): Settlement Tenders Issued


  1. Elkana

    • Units Tendered: 283

    • Comments: Salfit District

  2. Maale Adumim

    • Units Tendered: 114

    • Comments: Jerusalem District

  3. Karnei Shomron

    • Units Tendered: 196

    • Comments: Qalqilia District

  4. Givat Zeev

    • Units Tendered: 102

    • Comments: Ramallah District

  5. Arie

    • Units Tendered: 18

    • Comments: Salfit District

  6. Adam (AKA Geva Binyamin)

    • Units Tendered: 80

    • Comments: Jerusalem District. The plan and the infrastructure were prepared for the evicted settlers of Migron who have chosen a different location, and now it is marketed for the general public.

  7. Beitar Illit

    • Units Tendered: 238

    • Comments: Bethlehem District

  8. Beit El

    • Units Tendered: 30

    • Comments: Ramallah District, This construction is part of the compensation deal that the Government signed with the settlers of the Ulpana Hill that was built on private Palestinian land and evicted following a court order.

  9. Gilo

    • Units Tendered: 708

    • Comments: Bethlehem District, in Western Gilo Slopes

  10. Ramat Shlomo

    • Units Tendered: 387

    • Comments: Jerusalem District

  11. Har Homa

    • Units Tendered: 130

    • Comments: Bethlehem District

  • Total

    • Units Tendered: 828

  • Total in the West Bank including East Jerusalem

    • Units Tendered: 2286

  • In two days, Israel tendered housing units for more than 9,000 new settlers in the occupied State of Palestine.

(31/10/2013): Settlements published for depositing/ Final approval 

A. Published for depositing: 

  1. Yakir settlement (near Qalqilya)  162 units

  2. Beit El settlement (near Ramallah) 296 units

  3. Al Mog settlement (near Jericho) 31 units

B.  Final approval:

  1. Shilo settlement (near Nablus)    95 units

Total units:  584 units

  • New Settlements announcement in East Jerusalem area

  1. Ramat Shlomo settlement (near Shufat) 1,500 units - submitted for public objection

  2. Ramat Shlomo settlement (near Shufat) 2,200 units - plans for expansion of existing builidings

  3. Kadeem Tourism and Archeological Center on Giv’ati Parking (in Silwan) –  submitted for public objection

  4. Archeological and National park on the Mount Scopus 

  • Just in the period between the beginnings of negotiations by the end of July until August 13 Israel had promoted 3090 settlement units. 

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