February 2024: Israel's Aggression Against Occupied Palestine

Media Briefs
March 15, 2024

During the month, Israel, the occupying Power, continued its genocidal aggression against the Gaza Strip by committing more crimes against defenseless civilians, destroying homes over the residents' heads, and targeting displaced people in shelter centers and displacement tents, as well as targeting them directly while they awaited aid convoys. Additionally, the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) conducted arbitrary arrests and torture against children, women, and men, and threats and intimidation were used against them if they refused to cooperate during their investigation; sexual assault of Palestinian women was one of the most obscene aspects of these violations. The IOF also continued to besiege and target the remaining hospitals in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, including Al-Amal Hospital, Nasser Medical Complex, the European Hospital, and everything that moves in their vicinity. In parallel to its genocidal aggression on the Gaza Strip, the occupying Power escalated its aggression against the  West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, where the IOF fired live bullets at Palestinians, arrested many young men and children, and abused them and their families, in addition to armed settler gangs carrying out several terrorist attacks against Palestinian civilians and their properties.

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