Timeline – Israel’s 20th Knesset: The Reality in Occupied Palestine VS. International Actions (Examples)

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April 05, 2019
The Reality in Occupied Palestine VS. International Actions (Examples)
April 2015 – March 2019


During the campaigning for upcoming Israeli elections, no mainstream candidate has called for a comprehensive peace agreement with Palestine. In fact, the main candidates have campaigned on the preservation and expansion of Israeli settlements, a commitment to further annexation of Palestinian land, reaffirmation of Jerusalem as the exclusive capital of Israel, the dehumanization of Palestinians and the denial of their rights. These candidates, whether from the current government or the opposition, rely upon the perpetuation of the culture of impunity allowing Israel to act without consequence. Indeed, despite the fact that Israel has systematically violated international law and UN resolutions, rather than being threatened or served with sanctions, Israel receives growing international support.

With the exception of the approval of UNSC Resolution 2334 in 2016, which condemned the settlement enterprise and affirmed its illegality, no major international measures to hold Israel accountable for its systematic violations and crimes have been implemented during the time period covered. Although it is important to note the responsible resolutions by both the parliaments of Ireland and Chile which voted to ban products produced in illegal Israeli settlements from entering their respective markets. While not comprehensive, or in any way inclusive of Israeli violations, this report highlights some examples of Israeli practices and policies in violation of international law and other actions, and the corresponding or subsequent actions it has received from the international community.

Israel has never recognized, let alone implemented, any resolution by the United Nations.

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