Dr. Saeb Erekat on the International Solidarity Day with Palestine

Press Releases
November 29, 2018

On the occasion of International Solidarity Day with Palestine, it is important to extend the Palestinian peoples’ gratitude to the courageous efforts of both the Chilean and Irish Parliaments. The efforts of both distinguished parliaments have triumphed for the justice and rights of the Palestinian people.

The overwhelming majority of the Chilean Parliament voted in favor of calling upon their government to review all agreements with Israel in order to include a reference of the 1967 borders. In addition, they called upon their government to issue guidelines for their business community, tourists, and organizations in order not to collaborate with the occupation, as well as for the government to study mechanisms to ban Israeli colonial-settlement products from their markets. The efforts of the Parliament is a result of the dedicated hard work of parliamentarians and their visit to the occupied State of Palestine. They witnessed firsthand Israel’s settlement project that sneaks into our lands and resources and have also seen on the ground the implementation of Israel’s policies of destruction and dispossession in occupied land.

Equally, the Irish Seanad voted for ending the culture of Israeli impunity that the occupying power has enjoyed for more than half a century. Last night, the Irish Seanad passed the second reading of the bill to prohibit the sale of goods and services originating in illegal Israeli settlements. Once again, the majority of members of Parliament have demonstrated to the world the essence of responsibility and accountability in international affairs. We applaud the Irish policymakers and the people of Ireland for their consistent support for the Palestinian cause.

On this occasion, and with the courageous support of the Chilean and Irish Parliaments, I call upon the rest of the international community to take similar steps. Such important steps would revive the hope in justice and international law. The people of Palestine acknowledge the efforts of the people of the world who continue to demonstrate solidarity with our people in Khan Al-Ahmar, Gaza, Jerusalem and all of the Occupied State of Palestine.

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