Dr. Saeb Erekat on Israel's Plan to Annex all of its Illegal Settlements Starting with the Jordan Valley

Press Releases
September 10, 2019

Israel's plan to annex the Jordan Valley, an integral part of occupied Palestine, is manifestly illegal and merely adds to Israel’s long history of violations of international law; including its annexation of occupied Jerusalem, the Latroun Valley, and the Syrian Golan Heights. 

Israel's unprecedented culture of impunity, enabled by international inaction, is the only explanation for Mr. Netanyahu's audacity in using annexation as an election ploy, and asking the Israeli public to facilitate yet another Israeli crime. 

The international community must act now to prevent Netanyahu and his allies from burying any remaining prospects for peace and a viable and independent Palestinian state. This includes by recognizing the State of Palestine on 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital; banning settlement products; and taking action against companies involved in the illegal Israeli colonial-settlement enterprise -which yield enormous profits to both Israel and the settlements, to the detriment of the occupied Palestinian population. 

The upcoming session of the UN General Assembly should be used as a platform to introduce policies aimed at entirely ending the Israeli occupation and saving prospects for a just and lasting peace. 

We do not and will not recognize Israel’s decision. As United Nations resolutions have repeatedly stated, Israel’s illegal annexations are “null and void.”

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