Dr. Saeb Erekat on Israel's Plan to Commit a War Crime Against the Palestinian Bedouin Community of Khan al-Ahmar Abu al-Helu

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May 28, 2018

Last Thursday, Israel's Supreme Court approved the demolition and forcible transfer of the entire community of Khan al-Ahmar Abu al-Helu, a home to 35 Palestinian families with a total population of 180 people, for the expansion of more Israeli colonial settlements on lands belonging to the State of Palestine in the eastern Jerusalem governorate. This is yet another example of how the Israeli "justice" system continues to consolidate the Israeli occupation of Palestine and to support the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. 

This decision comes as several members of the international community have recently made use of international forums, such as the Human Rights Council, to praise Israel’s judicial system, or as we have seen in the statement of the EU Representative to Israel,  who on the day after the court's announcement had declared that the European Union and Israel “share the same values of democracy, respect for freedom and rule of law.” 

The Palestinian people deserve an explanation on why the international community continues to strengthen Israel’s culture of impunity by ignoring the reality of Apartheid imposed by the Israeli occupation. Instead, it should assume its responsibilities to protect the Palestinians and to hold Israel accountable for its grave violations of human rights, international humanitarian law, and UN resolutions.

The Trump Administration has encouraged the Israeli government to continue its attacks and violations against the Palestinian people. From the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to opposing any kind of international action for the protection of international law and human rights in occupied Palestine, the US Administration has given Israel a carte blanche to commit further atrocities.

As the State of Palestine has made a referral to the General Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, we reaffirm our right to pursue all available legal and diplomatic measures to protect our people and to hold those responsible to account for the systematic violations of our rights.

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