Dr. Saeb Erekat on Latest Israeli Decisions against Palestinian Officials in occupied East Jerusalem

Press Releases
November 22, 2018

We strongly condemn the arbitrary decisions taken by the Israeli occupation authorities to punish and further obstruct the work of the two main legitimate political Palestinian authorities in occupied East Jerusalem; PLO Executive Committee member Adnan Husseini and Governor Adnan Ghaith, by restricting their movement, denying them the right to travel, and even by preventing them from speaking to fellow Palestinian personalities.

East Jerusalem is an occupied territory. Israel is the occupying power and its annexation of the Palestinian capital is null and void. This is the established fact under international law. The Israeli Government, with the complicit support of the Trump Administration, has therefore been intensely launching attacks against Palestinians in Jerusalem, by increasing its colonial-settlement expansion in the city and by its continuous denial of their right to self-determination as an integral part of Palestine.

We reiterate our call upon the international community to hold Israel accountable for decades of violations of international humanitarian law and international law, mainly the sacred right of self-determination for the people of Palestine.


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