Dr. Saeb Erekat on the Latest Israeli Settlement Approvals in Occupied Palestine  

Press Releases
March 31, 2017

Israel, the occupying power, has approved a further expansion of its colonial settlement enterprise in Occupied Palestine with thousands of new units to further deny the people of Palestine the right to freedom and self-determination. Israel continues to destroy the prospects of peace in our region and to severely affect our lives by the theft of land and natural resources, and by the further fragmentation of our country. 

We hold  Benjamin Netanyahu and his extremist government fully responsible for the consequences of such violations. All Israeli settlements are illegal and we are not going to accept any formula that aims at legitimizing the presence of  Israeli colonies on occupied Palestinian land. Israel's colonial project violates international law and also previous Israeli commitments both under signed agreements and to the United States.

Israel enjoys a culture of impunity that allows it to strengthen its apartheid regime in Occupied Palestine. We send a clear message to the US Administration, the United Nations and to the European Union: Peace is not going to be achieved by tolerating such crimes. Calling for an Association Council with Israel, the censuring of an international report describing Israeli practices and policies, or avoiding to take action to hold Israel accountable - are all signs for Israel to go ahead with its policies of occupation, colonization, oppression and apartheid.

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