Dr. Saeb Erekat on the Move of Guatemala's Embassy to Jerusalem

Press Releases
May 16, 2018

The Guatemalan government has chosen to stand on the wrong side of history, to side with violations of international law and human rights, and to take a hostile step against the Palestinian people and the Arab World.

We are not surprised that a president that has objected to UN investigations into corruption and abuses of power has decided to further violate international resolutions. Make no mistake, such an insult against the Palestinian people reflects the insult against millions of Central Americans that have struggled for the values of justice and peace.

The narrative presented by the Guatemalan government to justify this move also reflects its alliance with the Israeli occupation and right-wing fundamentalists. The fact that they have used the Bible and Christianity as an excuse to move the embassy to Jerusalem in contradiction to the position of the Holy See, 13 churches in Jerusalem as well as from a number of Christian religious leaders worldwide, highlights the fundamentalist nature of the Israeli regime and its allies such as the Guatemalan government.

Palestine will follow up with the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, as well as with our allies elsewhere, including those in Latin America, and appropriate measures will be taken. 

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