Dr. Saeb Erekat on Palestine’s Presidency of the G77

Press Releases
January 15, 2019

Today President Mahmoud Abbas was handed the annual presidency of the G77. A historic step for Palestine that was made by the sacrifices of our people and their long struggle for freedom. We are accepting this tremendous challenge and unique international status with an immense sense of responsibility, as well as with honor and pride. 

With this national accomplishment, Palestine has launched a critical historical phase in which it will exercise its new role within the international system. During its presidency, Palestine will work to support all member states towards promoting a just and effective international order.

Such recognition signifies the recognition of the international community of Palestinian statehood and our right to self-determination. Despite the reality under Israel's military occupation, Palestine can play a significant role within the global system. The Palestinian people have a tremendous potential to share with the rest of the international community. We look forward to working in partnership with the G77 members to advance freedom and equality towards a more just world.  

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