Dr. Saeb Erekat, PLO Secretary General, on behalf of H.E President Mahmoud Abbas, regarding the speech delivered by US Secretary John Kerry

Press Releases
December 28, 2016

President Mahmoud Abbas followed with great interest Secretary Kerry’ speech and reiterated his commitment to a just and lasting peace as a strategic option. President Abbas said: “The minute the Israeli government agrees to cease all settlement activities, including in and around Occupied East Jerusalem, and agree to implement the signed agreements on the basis of mutual reciprocity, the Palestinian leadership stands ready to resume permanent status negotiations on the basis of international law and relevant international legality resolutions, including UNSC 2334, under a specified timeframe."

President Abbas is fully convinced that a just, comprehensive and lasting peace can be reached on all core issues on the basis of the Arab Peace Initiative, with specified terms of reference, which can guarantee to fully end the Israeli occupation and lead to the establishment of an independent State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 border, living in peace and security, side by side, the State of Israel, as well as resolving all core issues, including refugees and prisoners, on the basis of the relevant international legality resolutions.  

President Abbas will continue to cooperate closely with France, which plans to convene next month an international peace conference, in order to guarantee the launching of a credible peace process based on international law, international legality and within a specified timeframe and a new international follow-up mechanism.

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