Erekat Condemns Israeli Attacks on Pa Institutions

Press Releases
July 02, 2006

Chief Palestinian Negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat has strongly condemned Israeli strikes on Palestinian Authority institutions in the occupied Gaza Strip. Dr. Erekat said:

“Israeli attacks on the Interior Ministry building on Thursday, and on the Prime Minister’s office earlier this morning are acts of state terror and collective punishment. Such Israeli actions are undermining the efforts being exerted in order to solve the crisis over the captured Israeli soldier through peaceful and diplomatic means.”

The Israeli strike against the Prime Minister’s office follows Israel’s widespread bombardment of the Gaza Strip; the extensive use of sonic booms over the territory; the abduction of several elected Palestinian parliamentarians, ministers and others; and the demolition of civil infrastructure, including roads, bridges and power plants. These attacks have caused widespread electricity, fuel and water shortages in the occupied Gaza Strip, as well as the displacement of many families.

Referring to Israeli actions following the withdrawal of its permanent military presence and settlers in the occupied Gaza Strip in September 2005, Dr. Erekat continued: “Israel already succeeded in demolishing Gaza’s economy by enforcing a siege against the territory following its withdrawal. Now it appears to be following that up by destroying its civil infrastructure and political institutions. It is the responsibility of all civilized peoples and governments to demand an immediate end to this Israeli assault on the basic rights of the Palestinian people.”

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