Erekat Slams Israeli Attack on Jericho

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March 14, 2006

Erekat Slams Israeli Attack on Jericho as “Massive Provocation” which Could “Spark Unprecedented Unrest” in Palestinian Territory 

Israel is currently launching a full-scale military assault on a Palestinian prison in Jericho. Chief Palestinian Negotiator Dr. Saeb Erekat denounced the attack as a “massive provocation” that “could likely lead to unprecedented unrest in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian Territory.” ”

Dr. Erekat noted that the current raid “violates both international law, and signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. This brazen killing of Palestinians will have disastrous consequences for us all.”

“I cannot begin to understand why Israel would want all-out war. Today’s military assault would seem to suggest that intent. Israel has already almost destroyed any realistic possibility of a two-state solution; today, it appears that it is aimed at sealing the last nail in its coffin. Just as Israel is consolidating its theft of key lands and resources that we would need to build an independently viable Palestinian state, it appears that Israel is attempting to provoke an all-out war to distract the world [from the final stages of Wall construction and settlement expansion deep inside the occupied Palestinian territory].”

Dr. Erekat noted the timing of the assault: “Perhaps [acting Israeli Prime Minister] Olmert and his Kadima party are trying to flex their muscles to gain points in the Israeli elections. But what political gain could this be for anyone if it means no two-state solution and no security for either Palestinians or Israelis? Either way, this is a dangerous misstep that could spell no peace in the region for years to come.”

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