Israeli Prime Minster message to Mr. Kerry: Don't continue with your peace efforts

Press Releases
January 10, 2014

Dr. Erekat, chief negotiator and PLO executive committee member on Today's Israeli announcement of more than 1900 Units in the occupied State of Palestine, "This shows Israel clear commitment to the destruction of peace and imposition of Apartheid system"

He added: "The recent announcement by the Israeli government of new settlements in occupied State of Palestine is a slap to Mr. Kerry's efforts and a clear message by Israel's Prime Minister: "Don't continue with your peace efforts"

"We call on the United States and the rest of the international community to exert further efforts to halt the Israeli plans which aims to destroy the chances for the Two State Solution".

He continued: "This must serve the international community to sever all ties with the Israeli occupation, including companies and institutions involved with colonization of Palestine"

The International community should stop treating Israeli as a State above the law and stops the preferential treatment for a State that is committing crimes. Today's announcement is a test to the US administration ability to hold Israel accountable for actively destroying the peaceful efforts.

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