Daily Report June 5, 2019

Total: 21



At 21:30, Israeli forces raided Al-Eisawiya village then stormed and searched a home.


1. At 21:30, Israeli forces detained Mohammad Amer Mahmoud {a resident of Al-Eisawiya village} in Jerusalem city.
2. At 22:00, Israeli forces detained Omar Shakler Eiwisat {a resident of Al-Shiekh Sa'ed village}.


Military Checkpoints

On May 27th 2019, Al-Mahkama" military checkpoint located near "Beit El" settlement in North Al-Bireh city is open to residents exiting from the cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh from 10:00 until 23:00 daily, and is open for the entry of residents into the cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh from 07:00 Until 23:00 daily.



At 20:35, Rushdi Zuhier Al-Ahmad {a resident of Rumana village} was hospitalized after he was shot by Israeli forces who were conducting military training in Salem Military base located near Rumana village.


Flying Checkpoints

At 20:50, Israeli forces set up a checkpoint at the entrance of Izbit Al-Tabib village then searched residents and vehicles.


At 04:00, Israeli forces raided Qalqiliya city then stormed and searched a home.


On June 4th 2019, Israeli forces positioned at "Ayal" crossing point located in North Qalqiliya city detained Omar Khalid Abu Samra {a resident of Qalqiliya city}.



At 21:45, Israeli forces raided Al-Zawiya town and Masahat village.


Flying Checkpoints

At 21:55, Israeli forces set up a checkpoint near Al-Jiftlik village junction then searched resident and vehicles.



At 03:40,Israeli forces raided Ayda camp in Bethlehem city and detained 2 residents.


Israeli forces detained 2 residents: Yassin Maamoun Abdelkader Badair, and Nassar Raed Abdelkader Bedair in Ayda camp in Bethlehem city.



At 19:45, Israeli forces positioned at the entrance of Al-Arroub camp fired rubber coated steel bullets, stun and tear gas canisters towards several residents for alleged stoning and as a result injured a resident.


Israeli forces injured a unidentified resident during clashes near the entrance of Al-Arrub camp.



• At 19:00 on August 26th 2019,The permanent and comprehensive cease-fire entered into force on the initiative and sponsorship of the Arab Republic of Egypt, after reaching understandings to open the crossings, introduce humanitarian and relief assistance and reconstruction supplies, expand the fishing area for 6 miles, Up to 12 miles by the end of the current year, reducing the area of ​​the buffer zone from 300 m to 100 m, freedom of movement and preventing assassinations. The other issues, including the airport and the port, will be negotiated within one month of the cease-fire. The Israeli occupation forces increased the area of ​​fishing, as opposed to the Wawa area In the north-west of the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip and up to the port of Gaza to 6 nautical miles, and opposite the port of Gaza and even opposite the city of Rafah to 12 nautical miles and on May 21st 2019,The Israeli occupation forces allowed the expansion of the permitted fishing area from the port of Gaza to the southern shore of Rafah to 15 nautical miles and on the morning of May 29th 2019 Israeli Military forces decreased the fishing limit from 15 nautical miles to 10 nautical miles and on the morning of June 4th 2019 increased the fishing limit from 10 nautical miles to 15 nautical miles.
• The Israeli Military broke the ceasefire agreement by raiding Rafah district.


Closure of Crossing Points

* Beit Hanun (Erez) crossing is partially open for the passage of critical patients, journalists, NGO staff, businesspersons and passengers travelling abroad through Al-Karama crossing with previous coordination.


Closure of Crossing Points

* Al-Muntar (Karni) Crossing is closed. Beginning on 02 March 2011, the Crossing has been effectively closed following a unilateral Israeli decision.
* Al-Shija’iya (Nahal ‘Oz) Crossing is closed. Beginning on 04 January 2010, the Crossing has closed following a unilateral Israeli decision.


Closure of Crossing Points

* Yasser ‘Arafat International Airport remains closed.
*Rafah (Al ‘Awdah) Crossing is open for the exit and entry of residents.
* Sufa Crossing is closed.
* Karm Abu Salem (Karem Shalom) Crossing is closed.


At 10:30 on June 4th 2019,Israeli forces escorting Military bulldozers stormed 50 m into the vicinity of Rafah city and opened fire as they leveled a plot of land then withdrew at 15:00.

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