Daily Report March 18 2020

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                                                             DAILY SITUATION REPORT

                                              08:00,17th March 2020  – 08:00, 18th March 2020




1. At 12:15, the occupation forces arrested the citizen: Raed Hijazi - residents of Jerusalem.
2. On 17. 03. 2020, the occupation forces arrested 2 citizens in Jerusalem: Ibrahim Ghosheh and Ahed Al-Rishq.
3. At dawn today, 18 March 2020, the occupation forces arrested 2 citizens - residents of the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem, namely: Muhammad Jamal Ghaith and Yazan Zuhair Al-Rajabi.

Temporary Detention

At 11:50, the occupation forces detained the citizen: Yasser Darwish - residents of Al-Issawiya village, and released him at 19:30.

Obstruction of Places of Worship

At 10:00, groups of extremist settlers, under the protection of the occupation police, stormed the courtyards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, and made provocative tours of its courtyards and facilities.



At 03:55, an Israeli army force raided Al-Bireh, arrested 6 citizens, and confiscated a private vehicle for a citizen, and withdrew at 04:30.


The 6 detainees in the city of Al-Bireh are: Noor Sarsour, Adham Abu Arqoub, Muhammad Burhan Daraghmeh, Imad Al-Sheikh, Ali Jabr, and Alaa Ghazawi.

Confiscation of Property

At 03:55, the Israeli occupation forces confiscated a vehicle belonging to a resident, during Al-Bireh city.


Military Checkpoints

At 12:15, the Israeli occupation forces tightened their procedures at Tayasir checkpoint, and impeded the movement of traffic until 13:20.


Military Checkpoints

At 09:00, the Israeli occupation forces tightened their procedures at "Enav" checkpoint, and obstructed the movement of traffic until 10:00.



At 02:35, an Israeli army force stormed the town of Azoun, arrested a civilian policeman, and withdrew at 04:45.


Detained in the town of Azzun: The policeman - Amin Nasr Saeed Abu Haniyeh.



At 23:30, the Israeli occupation forces arrested at the Za'tara Junction checkpoint, 2 of the citizens - Ramallah residents: Thaer Shawabkeh (accompanying His Excellency the Minister: Walid Assaf) and Ahmed Abdel-Rahman Musleh.

Destruction of Property

At 18:20, the Israeli occupation forces at the Za'tara junction barrier smashed the windows of a private vehicle owned by Mohammed Omar Abu Hasheya - residents of Balata refugee camp in Nablus.



At 12:45, an Israeli army force raided Al-Auja village and detained 2 civilians.


The two detainees in Al-Auja village are: Hakam Abu Hadid and Imad Nusseibeh.


Flying Checkpoints

At 12:15, the Israeli occupation forces set up a roadblock near the village of Dar Salah village (the eastern entrance to the city of Beit Sahour), to search cars and verify citizens ’identities until 14:00.


Flying Checkpoints

At 09:55, the Israeli occupation forces set up a roadblock at the northern entrance to Al-Samou 'town, to search cars and verify citizens ’identities.


At 16:25, the occupation forces, located opposite the entrance to Al-Aroub camp, fired sound and tear gas canisters towards the protesting citizens at the entrance to the camp, under the pretext that they were throwing stones.



• Since 19:00 on 26. 08. 2014 The permanent and comprehensive ceasefire came into effect on the initiative and sponsorship of the Arab Republic of Egypt, after reaching understandings to open the crossings and introduce humanitarian and relief assistance and reconstruction supplies, and to expand the area of fishing for 6 miles with an increase of up to 12 miles with At the end of this year, the area of the "buffer security" area will be reduced from 300 m to 100 m, freedom of movement and the prevention of assassinations, and the remaining issues, including the airport and the port, will be negotiated within a month of the ceasefire.
•Since the Morning of 28th. 06. 2019 The occupying forces allowed the expansion of the fishing distance from the oasis area northwest of the town of Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza governorate and even to the port of Gaza by 6 nautical miles, and from the port of Gaza to the south of rafah beach to 15 nautical miles.
• The occupation forces violated the ceasefire by firing from their positions on the Green Line in the central provinces of Khan Yunis.


Closure of Crossing Points

* Beit Hanoun - Erez crossing: 17 03. 2020 closed (except for humanitarian emergencies).


Closure of Crossing Points

* Al-Muntar - Karni Crossing: closed since 02.03.2011, permanently, and by an Israeli unilateral decision.
* Al-Shojaeya Crossing - "Nahal Oz" for fuel: It has been closed since 01 01.2010 due to an Israeli unilateral decision.



At 13:40 on 17. 03.2020, the occupation forces opened fire and tear gas canisters from their positions on the green line, towards a number of citizens near the border fence east of Al-Maghazi camp.



At 14:00 on 17 March 2020, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire on their green line towards agricultural land in the east of the town of Qarara, northeast of Khan Yunis.


Closure of Crossing Points

*Yasser Arafat International Airport: Closed.
*Sofa Crossing: closed.
* Kerem Shalom Crossing - "Kerem Shalom": on 17.03.2010 closed.
* Al-Awda port - Rafah: on 17 March 2013 2020 is open in one direction (for citizens returning from the Arab Republic of Egypt).

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