Israel's 20th Knesset ( March 2015 - Present )

Amir Ohana

“So now, he is the one paying salaries and grants to the killers of the three months old Hadas Fogel, who was murdered (with most of her family) only because she is Jewish, he is campaigning against the nation-state law...” - Twitter, 15 August 2018

“The State of Israel was never, and is not and will never be a bilingual state or a state with two capitals, it is the one and the sole national state for the Jewish people, its official language is Hebrew and its capital is united Jerusalem” - Facebook,19 July 2018

On the shooting of the Palestinian in Hebron: “I would not have waited 11 minutes. I would have shot him in the first second.”- Haaretz, October 11, 2017

“This is the most important law [ nation-state law] in the history of the State of Israel, which determines that human rights will be preserved for all, but national rights in the State of Israel belong solely to the Jewish People. This is the defining idea which (was the basis for) the establishment of the state.” - Knesset website, 13 March 2018

“The struggle for Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] is a greater one that answers the question of whether after 2,000 years the Jewish people deserve to have a state within its present borders with Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank], the cradle of our culture. Our answer is yes - the struggle for the State of Israel, for the Land of Israel, not only for its geographical area, but for its character as well, has not ended. Our steadfastness in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] will be our strength in the State of Israel.” – Arutz 7, 3 September 2018

“Every minority prefers to be the majority, but you are asking to become the 22nd Arab state. We are one country that is surrounded by 21 nation states of the Arab people, which have the same language, the same nationality, the same religion and the same culture – and we have just one small country.” – Knesset website, 19 July 2018

“You can’t sever Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] from the Land of Israel.” “Someone says to me, ‘I’ve never visited there in my life, give it back so we can have peace already.’ Well, first of all, you’ve never visited Kiryat Gat, either, so maybe we should give back Kiryat Gat? Second, what kind of peace will there be here? The kind there was before 1967? After all, there’s always a reason for terrorism. You install metal detectors [at the entrance to the Temple Mount], you get the terrorist attack at Halamish. What was there before the metal detectors? The occupation, and so on. Anything rather than say that what we have here is some sort of cultural murderousness.” - Haaretz, 11 October 2017

Anat Berko

“We won’t remain silent, I will dismantle any illegal construction that undermines our sovereignty as a state. We must immediately evacuate Al-Khan Al-Ahmar. I had a field tour and I saw that Al-Khan Al-Ahmar has extended towards the main road to Jerusalem, our eternal capital. The PA is exploiting this community to block the territorial contiguity between Jewish communities and Jerusalem. They aim at consolidating Fayyad’s plan, in brief – Palestinians controlled area C the area that is under Israeli full control! Meanwhile, the PA is intimidating the Bedouins and preventing the achievement of an appropriate solution. Unfortunately, the EU is also working against us on this issue, it is installing illegal buildings and violates the sovereignty of Israel in the area…” - Facebook, 26 November 2018

“…funding the medical treatment given to the injured terrorists while they are on their way to commit attacks against Jews, or to security prisoners must not be at the expense of Israeli tax payers. Hear this fact: according to data provided by Israel’s Prisons’ Authority, we pay between 42 to 45 million shekels for medical treatment to security prisoners. This funding must come from the pocket of the PA who is sacrificing those who are coming to kills us….” - Facebook, 24 October 2018

“Any agreement with the Palestinians is not worth even the price of the papers, as long as there are those who hate and incite against the Jews from all their hearts…” - Facebook, 7 October 2018

"Responding to MK (Joint List) Jamal Zahalqa :“I was among those who criticized Avi Dichter, also there was an understanding and support to Israel’s security needs at the EU parliament that is because the terrorism in Europe is not different than the Palestinian terrorism that you support…..” - Twitter, 9 October 2018

“Yet another confusing decision made by High Court of Justice! That is the decision to allow Qassem, the chief of BDS movement, to study in the Hebrew University….all the court and security apparatuses who studied the case of Lara Al-Qassem acknowledged that she must be dismissed out of Israel. This decision creates the feeling that those are seeking our friendship are taking advantage of our state institutions to harm us…let us not deceive ourselves, Mrs. Qassem did not arrive to us holding the white flag, she is a Trojan…” - Facebook, 20 October 2018

“I asked today if it is rational in the eyes of the Dutch Foreign and security committee to allow Daiesh [ISIS] to sue its victims in the Hague? Given the same irrational point, there is no place to allow Palestinians to sue the state of Israel over “war crimes” in the international criminal court in the Hague. Palestinians committed and continue to commit countless terrorist attacks against us, they have never been recognized as a state, so how they are allowed to go to international institutions, including the Hague where a gang of terrorists are suing the state of Israel and its soldiers who are defending the citizens from the Palestinian terror? As usual, the Palestinians are not held responsible, they keep paying salaries and pensions to terrorists, encouraging terrorism and then allowing themselves to sue us….” - Facebook, 10 October 2018

“…funding the medical treatment given to the injured terrorists while they are on their way to commit attacks against Jews, or to security prisoners must not be at the expense of Israeli tax payers. Hear this fact: according to data provided by Israel’s Prisons’ Authority, we pay between 42 to 45 million shekels for medical treatment to security prisoners. This funding must come from the pocket of the PA who is sacrificing those who are coming to kills us….” - Facebook, 24 October 2018

“We have to withdraw immunity of Tibi and Zahalka who are both now in Cairo. They arrived to Cairo to combat the nation-state law which was legislated in the Knesset where they work as members. I have news for you, according to the law of MKs immunity, to annul the existence of Israel as a state for the Jewish people means toppling your immunity….I will continue to work to cancel their immunity and dismiss MK Tibi from his position as deputy Knesset head.” - Facebook, 12 September 2018

“We must dismiss MK Tibi right now from his position as deputy Knesset head. I have asked the head of the Knesset to dismiss him from his position. Tibi and his colleagues are enemies of Israel in the Israeli Knesset!” - Twitter, 3 September 2018

" (....) UNRWA, an organization that perpetuates the Palestinian "eternal refugee", will disappear in light of the cessation of US funding, and the "claim of return" is a recipe for national suicide, therefore no Palestinian "refugee" will enter the territory of the State of Israel. I affirm this to you, no refugee…..” - Facebook, 23 September 2018

“They are closing the embassy of a “nation” that were recently created. Don’t you know that the PLO terrorist organization has embassies abroad more than the State of Israel? It is good that president Trump is making an additional step that is useful to end the illusions of Palestinians, “a nation” that was recently created, by closing the embassy of PLO in Washington. The profession of “Palestinian refuge” and the claim of the“right of return” are both coming into an end, thanks to the Israeli fixed position led by Netanyahu as well as the responsible and reasonable US administration that has no intention to fund the Palestinian rejectionists who got used to live on aid money without attempting to reach a real solution but to “liquidate the state of Israel”. - Twitter, 10 September 2018 (The post was later deleted)

“Since the past and still at present the [Joint List] MKs are working to undermine the existence of our state, and are using their positions, statuses and their diplomatic passports to destroy the state of Israel from within and distort its image in the world. …” - Twitter, 24 September 2018

“We have to withdraw immunity of Tibi and Zahalka who are both now in Cairo. They arrived to Cairo to combat the nation-state law which was legislated in the Knesset where they work as members. I have news for you, according to the law of MKs immunity, to annul the existence of Israel as a state for the Jewish people means toppling your immunity….I will continue to work to cancel their immunity and dismiss MK Tibi from his position as deputy Knesset head.” - Facebook, 12 September 2018

“We must dismiss MK Tibi right now from his position as deputy Knesset head. I have asked the head of the Knesset to dismiss him from his position. Tibi and his colleagues are enemies of Israel in the Israeli Knesset!” - Twitter, 3 September 2018

“Stop the Palestinians lies”. The “return claim" is the next landmine that must be dismantled, President Trump and the Prime Minister Netanyahu are working on that!

For more than two years I have been working to abolish UNRWA, which consolidates the "Palestinian genetic asylum." From every podium, I talk about the Palestinians' desire to eradicate the State of Israel, also demographically.' I have brought this matter to the attention of the Prime Minister. I met with European parliamentarians as well US senators and congressmen. I have even submitted a research document with photos of Nikki Hailey the Ambassador to the United Nations.

It is interesting to know that there is lack of knowledge regarding the existence of a refugees agency in the UN for all the refugees in the world, and for Palestinians there is a special agency - UNRWA, which became a human force company, a source of employment as well as an incitement source to Hamas. Therefore we must put an end to this. There is no "return," because we will not commit suicide on the national level even if there are mad people who believe in this.

The nation-state law strengthens the identity of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

There are many real refugees in the Middle East and we must help them.

Among the Palestinians, there are less than 20,000 real refugees. But look at this hypocrisy. Abu Mazen in his speech before the UN invented the number of six million in order to defy the Jewish people and harm the memorial of the holocaust.

After President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, now it is time to say that the whole world is fed up with the Palestinian lie, and thus the abolition of UNRWA will be a correct step to attach Palestinians to the reality and annul the "claim of return"!” - Facebook , 6 August 2018

“The nation-state law is Jabotinsky iron wall…the nation-state law defines the right of the majority to the state of Israel, it defines the emblem and the national anthem of the Jewish state, yes this is the Jewish state! The nation-state law defines the Jewish settlement – the values that lead to the establishment of the state….we do not want a Muezzin on Memorial Day, we don’t want “marches of return” on the day of independence. These are the exact values that he wrote about…” - Facebook, 19 July 2018

“Unfortunately, the children in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority are victims of the PA and of Hamas, who are poisoning their minds from an early age and turning them into human shields. They raise them on hatred of Jews, violence and terror - and that's the result.” – Arutz 7, 2 July 2018

“It was a historical overview of how the Romans tried to erase the memory of Judea [Occupied West Bank] by calling the area Palestina, and the Arabs adopted the same tactic” – Jpost, 19 May 2016

“I want to go back to history, what is our place here, about Jerusalem, about Palestine, when like we said, Arabic doesn't even have 'P,' so this loan-word also merits scrutiny.” – Haaretz, 10 February 2016

Avi Dichter

“The weekend terror events should get to its end without any fire - neither rockets nor kites. It will stop, and it will. And if this will be violated, the blood of those shooting and burning, those terrorists and their commanders, is permitted. A Gazan terrorist who does not understand this - will meet the IDF's firepower.” - Twitter, 15 July 2018

“The Palestinian Authority has transformed itself into an enterprise that employs murderers. It is very easy to be accepted into this business. All you have to do is murder Israelis, get arrested or be killed, and you’ve been accepted for the job. If the Palestinian Authority will not understand what terror is, it will go to sleep as the Palestinian Authority and wake up as chopped salad.” – Knesset website, 2 July 2018

“I have engaged with Palestinians for many years, not all of them are evil or enemies of Israel, but what is hard to see is their cowardice, the cowardice in telling the truth.” - Israel News Nation, 5 June 2018

 “If the demonstrators in Gaza continue to try to harm IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens, I am not worried. There are enough bullets for everyone.” - Facebook, 14 May 2018

“We have reasonable grounds to assume that the political direction of the security bodies on the subject of demolitions will soon change so that there will be no distinction between the outcome of the murder in the attack and the intention to murder Israelis. If we can destroy the terrorists' houses on their heads, we will better protect our soldiers and our citizens.”- Arutz 7, 26 November 2018

“The Palestinians will not be able to define Israel as their nation-state. The nation-state law is the insurance policy we are leaving for the next generation.” – Haaretz, 1 May 2018

“We are celebrating 50 years anniversary since Jerusalem became under all Jerusalem, all parts of Jerusalem became under Israeli sovereignty 50 years ago…those who think that Jerusalem may go back to the lines of 1967 forget it, no way.” - Arutz 7, 23 May 2017

“No minority will be able to change the state’s symbols. This Basic Law does not harm the Arabic language or any minority – that’s fake news. Israel is not a bilingual country; it never was. Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people and guarantees the majority without hurting the minority.” – Knesset website, 19 July 2018

“The time has come and it seems that circumstances are ripe, with the introduction of a new and different president in the U.S., to end the freeze and resume the construction boom in Jerusalem and in the communities in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank].” - Arutz7, 13 November 2016

 “We will develop Jerusalem vigorously and build towns in order to provide their residents with the most basic need – the need for housing!” - Arutz 7, 13 November 2016

Avraham Neguise

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of ‘Pisgat Ze’ev’ Built on Lands Belonging to Jerusalem Governorate
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“Palestinian rejectionism of Israel as the Jewish state, reaffirmed almost every day through their political, religious, education and media systems, remains the greatest obstacle to peace.” “The Palestinians must accept defeat in their decades-long battle against the Jewish people’s national rights and cease their terrorism and their diplomatic, political and ideological war.” – Jpost, 23 November 2017

“We want to absorb many new immigrants, and in order to do so we will have to build a lot in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] as well." - Arutz 7 , 29 Aug 2017

Ayoob Kara

Minister of Communications

“Olmert's meeting with Mahmoud Abbas teaches us a lot about both. First: the failed PM who ended up in jail and despite his generous and arrogant proposals he repeatedly rejected an “unreal partner” who is trying to sell us now. Second: it is well known worldwide who is the one rejecting peace, continuing to pay salaries to the murderers and inciting/supporting terrorism.” - Twitter, 22 September 2018

"I am in favor of strengthening building everywhere in the Land of Israel. He who doesn’t build doesn’t stake roots... Hebron is the city of our forefathers. Nothing is more important than its construction in order to demonstrate our connection to it." – Arutz 7, 01 October, 2017

“Israel shouldn't apologize for intending to annex Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank]. We should be determined to implement our right to these historic areas of our homeland. Politicians who mistakenly believe that we are still in the Obama era need to change their disk.” – Arutz 7, 07 March 2017

“The settlements are not the problem. In 1956, 1967 and 1973, there were no settlements and they tried to occupy Israel. This is a different process of trying to occupy Israel.” – Jerusalemonline, 02 January 2017

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister , Minister of Health, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Religious Services, Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Minister of Defense

"Hamas, apparently, has not internalized the message. If they do not stop the violent attacks against us, they will be stopped in a different way and it will be painful – very painful. We are very close to a different kind of activity, an activity that will include very powerful blows. If it has sense, Hamas will stop firing and stop these violent disturbances – now.” - PMO website, 14 October 2018

"Khan Al-Ahmar will be evacuated, with or without an agreement. It will not take weeks; it will be much shorter. We will make several vital preparatory moves in the international arena. We will give a last chance for evacuation via an agreement but in any case Khan Al-Ahmar will be evacuated. I am not talking about a superficial evacuation but a real evacuation.” - PMO website, 21 October 2018

 “While our soldiers are preparing to defend Israel’s security, the Director General of ‘B’Tselem’ chooses to make a speech at the UN that is full of lies in an attempt to assist the enemies of Israel. The conduct of B’Tselem is a disgrace to be remembered as a short and transient episode in the history of our people.” - Twitter, 18 October 2018

"The US made the correct decision when it decided to close the PLO offices in Washington. The Palestinians refuse to enter negotiations with Israel even as they attack Israel with false claims in international forums. Israel very much appreciates the Trump administration decision and supports American actions that are designed to make it clear to the Palestinians that the refusal to enter into negotiations with Israel and the unbridled attacks against Israel will not only not advance peace but will certainly not make things better for the Palestinians.” - PMO Website, 12 September 2018

 “We saw PLO flags being waved in the heart of Tel Aviv. We heard the calls: ‘in blood and fire we will redeem Palestine.’ Many of the demonstrators want to repeal the Law of Return, they want to cancel the national anthem, they want to fold up our flag and they want to cancel Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and to turn it, as their spokespersons say, into an Israeli-Palestinian state while others say, a state of all its citizens. It’s precisely for this reason that we passed the nation-state law. We passed the law and we will keep this law.” - Yedioth Ahronoth via Israel News Today, 13 August 2018

“Power is the most important thing in foreign policy. Occupation is nonsense. There are powerful states that have occupied and transferred populations, and no one talks about them.” – Times of Israel, 5 November 2018

“West of the Jordan, Israel and Israel alone will be responsible for security, which means that it's not just a question of hot pursuit going into Palestinian areas, okay? It's also having the ability to be there all the time – that's why the West Bank is not Gaza.” – i24news, 24 October 2018

“My view of a potential agreement is that the Palestinians have all the powers to govern themselves but none of the powers to threaten us. The key power that must, must not be in their hands is the question of security. I don’t want them either as citizens of Israel or subjects of Israel…” – Jpost, 29 September 2018

“And it [UNESCO] must stop the absurdity of passing resolutions which deny the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, between the Jewish people and our eternal capital Jerusalem. No matter what UNESCO says, the Western Wall is not occupied Palestinian territory and the Cave of the Patriarchs - the burial site of Abraham and Sara, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob, and Leah - is not a Palestinian Heritage Site [sic].” - MFA , 26 September 2018

“That's not what happened with the Palestinians, where they created a special institution 70 years ago - not to absorb the refugees, but to eternalize them. The United States did something very important when it stopped the money for UNRWA. It is finally starting to solve the problem. The refugee institution must be cancelled, the money must be taken to really help rehabilitate the refugees, whose number is much smaller than the number reported in UNRWA.” – Arutz 7, 2 September 2018

“I can promise you that no settlements in the Land of Israel will be evacuated.” – JTA, 20 August 2018

“The Nationality Law prevents, for example, the exploitation of the family reunification clause under which very, very many Palestinians have been absorbed into the country since the Oslo agreement, and this law helps prevent the continued uncontrolled entry into Israel of Palestinians. It could be that this law will also be able to assist us in blocking the future entry of labor migrants.” – Ynet, 5 August 2018

“Christians also know another fundamental truth: Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years [sic]. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 70 years [sic]. And Jerusalem will always be our capital.” – PMO , 23 July 2018

“We continue with the development momentum of settlement in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank] and approve thousands of new housing units.” – Arutz 7, 24 May 2018

“For over 3,000 years it [Jerusalem] has been the capital of our people, and only of our people [sic]. We dreamed of returning to rebuild it, the city that is joined together – this is exactly what we are doing today. We will make a series of decisions to build up and develop [settlements in] Jerusalem, east and west, north and south, in all directions – to both reveal its past and build its future. I know that there will be difficulties along the way; there have been difficulties for the past 70 years. We have met them since 1949 and up to recent years. We will also meet them in the future.” – Arutz 7, 13 May 2018

“I think most Israelis would favor a situation where we could separate from the Palestinians. I don’t want the Palestinians as citizens of Israel and I don’t want them as subjects of Israel. So I want a solution when they have all the powers they need to govern themselves, but none of the powers that would threaten us. What that means is that whatever the solution is, the area west of the Jordan, that includes the Palestinian areas, would be militarily under Israel. The security, the overriding security and responsibility would be Israel’s.” – Jewish Press, 07 March 2018

“This bypass road is part of the system of bypass roads that we are building throughout Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] that serves the residents of Judea and Samaria and the residents of the entire State of Israel.” – Times of Israel, 30 January 2018

“It's been the capital of Israel for nearly 70 years…Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3,000 years….The President's [Trump] decision is an important step towards peace, for there is no peace that doesn't include Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel…I call on all countries that seek peace to join the United States in recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and to move their embassies here…” –PMO , 06 December 2017

“This is the land we inherited from our forefathers. This is our land. We have returned here to remain for eternity. There will not be any more uprooting of settlements in the Land of Israel.” “It has been proved that uprooting settlements does not foster peace.” -  Jpost, 29 Aug 2017

“What I’m willing to give the Palestinians is not exactly a state with full authority, rather a state minus. This is why the Palestinians do not agree” - Times of Israel , 22 Jan 2017

David Amsalem

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of 'Maaleh Adumim' Built on Lands Belonging to Jerusalem Governorate

“As a citizen I wished to enter and destroy them which is the initial feeling let us destroy and bombard them, but sometimes we need to study all the elements." In an interview with Israel’s Radio , 15 November 2018

On Palestinian hunger striking prisoners: ”Most democratic countries do not treat terrorists as well as we do. A terrorist should sit in jail and get dry bread and a glass of water. It is rude to demand studies.” - Knesset website , 29 May 2017

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David Bitan

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“If we reach a one-state solution, we will continue our control over settlement blocs and will not allow for the Palestinian right of return.” - Al-Quds quoting Israeli Reshet Bet station , 25 February 2017

“If the UN decided to establish a Palestinian State we will decide to unilaterally annex.” - Twitter, 02 Jan 2017

“There is no reason why Ma’aleh Adumim shouldn’t expand. We will start with Ma’aleh Adumim and continue to all of Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank].” - Ha’aretz, 31 Oct 2016

Gila Gamliel

Minister for Social Equality

“The incitement of the Palestinian Authority leads to extreme places where the people who are giving bread to thousands of families are killed...” - Twitter, 7 October 2018

“Jewish settlement and applying Israeli sovereignty over areas of settlement in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank] are a national and security interest of the State of Israel. We're at the cusp of a defining moment, an historic moment with a political window of opportunity that may not return. It's time to make historic decisions and act decisively to shape a new reality in the Jewish space. This is the way of the Likud and together we'll lead a right-wing national and proud government that will strengthen and develop Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank].” - Arutz 7 , 3 September 2018

“A Palestinian State is a dangerous idea for the State of Israel. Between the Jordan River and the sea there cannot, and must not, arise a Palestinian state…the most realistic alternative, and the only one under the existing circumstances, is Palestinian autonomy in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank]. However, if it becomes clear that there is no alternative but to establish an actual Palestinian state, then this would be a regional problem, not just for Israel. Accordingly, it is appropriate that parts of the Arab countries, such as the Sinai Peninsula, should be considered.” – Arutz 7, 10 November 2017

“Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] are an integral part of the State of Israel…The Israeli government has a national obligation to settle and build every part of Israel, and to provide its citizens with infrastructure, roads, and proper transportation.” – Arutz 7, 26 October 2017

Gilad Erdan

Minister of Public Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs and Minister of Information

“Despicable hate organization, these are the BDS organizations working against Israel. Today in “Yediot Ahronoth” the truth about BDS organizations is revealed, those who are calling for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish State: being affiliated with terror organizations who has the Israeli and Jewish blood on their hands…” - Twitter, 8 November 2018

“Since the first day of the terrorists kites phenomena, I asked to shoot them directly. And I support the closing of Karm Abu Salem checkpoint, and every step that ties Hamas more. Further I agree on burning fields in Gaza as a response to the terror of the kites.” - gltz, 10 July 2018

“Whoever threatened the players of Argentina, only for the sake of harming Israel, should be in prison and for sure not to enter Jerusalem whenever he wishes. Those who support kidnapping soldiers and incite attacks must be behind bars and not members of international organizations. Israel has the authority and the ability to investigate and prosecute Jibril Rajoub. Therefore, I approached the Attorney General and the Judge Advocate General this evening in order to approve the opening of an investigation against the "diplomat" Rajoub on suspicion of incitement to murder, and to prevent his entry to Israel. Share your post to echo the demand to investigate the Rajoub!”-  Facebook, 19 June 2018

“Today at the #GC4I2018 forum, I revealed the map of the Delegitimization Network- aka, the Hate Net. We've mapped out the 42 leading #BDS orgs, their hub in Ramallah & the connections between them. We're exposing their anti-Semitism & ties to terrorist groups like #Hamas & PFL.” - Twitter, 19 June 2018

"Kick-off bombs are bombs. Tomorrow, at the cabinet meeting, I will try to find out why there are no targeted assassinations of terrorist kites. They are the same as any rocket launcher!” - Israel National News, 9 June 2018

“Due to rising tensions during the day and rockets fired, Israel needs to resume its policy of assassination in the [occupied] West Bank tonight.”- Alaturka, 29 May 2018

“Despite the number of dead, we need to remember and remind: We’re not speaking about demonstrations. We’re talking about terrorists of a terrorist organization who endanger Israeli residents. All responsibility for the bloodshed lies with the leaders of Hamas, who, with Nazi anger, endlessly shed blood to erase from people’s memories their own failures in the management of the Gaza Strip. Here it is, the truth” - Twitter, 14 May 2018

“It is not about demonstrators, but saboteurs of a terrorist organization that threaten the security of the citizens of Israel. There is no country that allows a terrorist organization to send terrorists to infiltrate its territory, and all responsibility for their blood lies with the Hamas leadership, which, inspired by Nazism, sheds blood to distract people from its failure to run the Strip.” - Ynet, 14 May 2018

“Anyone who builds and sends a kite with a Molotov cocktail, a camera or any other means intended to reach the territory of the State of Israel and cause damage here must be treated as a terrorist in the middle of an attack."- Ynet, 6 May 2018

“I instructed the IPS (Israel Prison Service) to urgently identify additional ways to save water in the wings where the terrorists are held, including limiting the hours of showers and housing. The fact that security prisoners consume about 50 percent more water is intolerable and we must not allow this wastefulness.” – Arutz 7, 30 July 2018

“It is clear that after four years of quiet since Operation Protective Edge residents are back in an unacceptable situation; there are rocket sirens at night and children in shelters. If Hamas does not understand [this] from [Israel's] waves of attack, we will have to return to a broad military operation that will exact a price, at least as much as Operation Protective Edge if not more than that.” – Jpost, 26 July 2018

“Today we are closer than ever – since the devastating disengagement plan – to having to control parts of the Strip, or all of it.”- Haaretz, 21 November 2018  

“The battle for our sovereignty in Jerusalem isn’t over. The PA, together with additional elements, are trying to undermine it and to harm, and eat away at it every day and I will continue to act with all my strength to prevent this and demonstrate our sovereignty in every part of our capital.”- Times of Israel, 26 February 2018

“Jewish settlement in eastern Jerusalem is taking place in the heart of biblical Jerusalem, overlooking the Temple Mount, the holiest place to the Jewish people…I get excited each time I see Jewish families who understand what we all need to understand – that our sovereignty in the State of Israel and the Land of Israel begins here..”– Arutz 7, 27 August 2017

“The struggle for sovereignty in Jerusalem did not end with the liberation of the city. The Palestinian Authority is trying time after time to undermine the sovereignty of Israel in Jerusalem and we will continue to fight for it in all parts of the city.” - Arutz 7, 26 April 2017

“The fundamental basis for building in all parts of Israel is our moral and religious right. We need to understand that we are not talking to the Jewish nation but to the entire world. We need to speak of our moral right to the land of Israel.” – Arutz 7, 13 February 2017

Haim Katz

Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

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“The time has come to build bypass roads, to prevent murder on the roads and to provide security on the roads. [The time has also come] to build industrial plants that foster coexistence and bring people closer together, and to expand the Jewish communities there because the demand and growth in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank], to our delight, is 10% per year.” - Arutz 7, 15 October 2017

“The land of Israel is whole. There is no Palestine.” "Let the Palestinians go to Jordan, to Gaza, to Saudi Arabia, to Kuwait, to Egypt and to Iraq. They don't want peace and don't want us here. They are manipulating our weakness. The Palestinians know how to play. They stick to their place." –  Arutz 7, 26 December 2015

Miki Zohar

“Terrorism does not stem from despair, but from hope, the hope for liquidating the Jewish people. The argument over reducing sentences to terrorists would encourage the murderers. Only death penalty for terrorists and the demolition of their homes will bring about the necessary deterrence.” - Twitter, 16 September 2018

“The demonstration tonight shows us clearly that it was important and good to enact the nation-state law. It is now our duty to remove the flags of the enemy States to become outside the law.” - Twitter, 11 August 2018


"You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what is the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending. The public knows what the prime minister is doing for the country and how excellent he is at his job.” – Times of Israel, 13 June 2018

“The two-state solution is dead.”  “The Palestinians will have to choose if they want to be citizens with equal rights or not.They will be able to vote and be elected in their city under administrative autonomy and under Israeli sovereignty and with complete security control."- I24 news, 03 June 2017

“I am trying to convey the message to the Prime Minister that he should not discuss a Palestinian state. I call on him to produce a new diplomatic dialogue with the U.S. administration which does not include a Palestinian state but rather declaring sovereignty, thus leading to prosperity for both nations.”- Arutz 7, 08 February 2017

Miri Regev

Minister of Culture and Sport

“I had to tolerate all this hypocrisy that I heard, whom are you defending and whom do you want us to fund? The one who said “ but if I get hungry I eat the flesh of my usurper” [Mahmoud Darwish] , or Darin Tatour who was jailed due to her incitement as well as Jaffa theater which hosted a workshop to support her inciting poems. You are defending the terrorist Walid Daqqa and Al-Maidan Theater as well which organized an event for this terrorist, do you want me to fund this event? No No. I will neither fund this event nor Darin Tatour’s writings nor any other male or female terrorist.” - Facebook, 5 November 2018

“How shameful, how despicable. Hagai Elad you have officially joined today the group of Trojans from the joint list that aim at harming the IDF and the state of Israel.” - Twitter, 18 October 2018

Against the Palestinian detained writer Walid Daqqa who is from BaqaAl-Gharbiya inside Israel: “The terrorist….who wrote a story for children is given a podium to launch his book. He must be rotten in jail and must not be respected…this absurd theatre [Al-Midan Theatre in Haifa] carried out two battles first by giving respect to the terrorist Walid Daqqa, and second by launching his book in Baqa the book of the terrorist Walid Daqqa will be launched..a terrorist who writes a book for children to encourage more kids to become terrorists, he is encouraging them to become martyrs…we must put a limit to this absurd theatre , we must stop all terrorists and not give them podiums anywhere…” - Facebook, 9 October 2018

“The opening of this playground here sends a message to those who praise martyrs and are not ashamed. Abu Mazen in his speech before the UN praised the martyrs. You praise those who want to die, and we praise and cherish life because we want life.” - Facebook, 4 October 2018

“Shortening sentence for the murderers, the terrorists, would give them hope and encourage them to kill. The terrorists must be rotten in prison...” - Twitter,16 September 2018

 “The calculation must be clear, if our sons are living in horror, then Hamas must live in horror as well. We must return to the assassination policy against leaders of terrorist organizations.” - Facebook, 2 August 2018

“[It's a blessing to live in a time when the Israeli courts] strengthened Jewish settlement and don’t dismantle it through judicial activism that is completely contrary to the spirit of the legislature.” - Jpost, 29 August 2018

“It [the Jerusalem 'District Court’ ruling to legalize the settler outpost of Mitzpeh Kramim] sends a clear and unequivocal message to the Palestinians and their extreme Left-wing supporters that communities [settlements] in the Land of Israel won’t be uprooted or evacuated.” – Jpost, 29 August 2018

“I will never assist in evacuating settlements. Since I left the army, I have worked to strengthen settlement in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank]. I never raised my hand to evacuate settlements and I will never raise my hand to evacuate settlements.” – Arutz 7, 22 July 2018

“We returned to Samaria [occupied West Bank], we came home. Even if they dig very deep, they will not find a Palestinian coin here. On the other hand, we see our history here - the ancient Kingdom of Israel, which was here in Sebastia.” – Arutz 7, 4 April 2018

“We need to build [settlements], and to return Jewish life to these areas. We will ensure that there are building [settlement] permits for industrial zones, because life requires work and employment.” – Arutz 7, 4 April 2018

“I want to say unequivocally: This is our land; our duty is to apply sovereignty ,once they realize there is no hope, their motivation will disappear.” – Arutz 7, 11 January 2018

“I think that when we see what we're seeing, that the Palestinians constantly build in Areas A and B, we see it in Shechem [Nablus], Ramallah, and other areas - there's no reason for them to build in Area C.” “There's no question that just like we limit Jewish building in Area C, there's no reason to approve 15,000 housing units for Arabs. Especially since they build nonstop and without limits in Areas A and B.”- Arutz 7, 18 June 2017

Nava Boker

“The high court of justice is destroying with its own hands the remainder of Israeli deterrence. It is enough to feel sorry for the ruthless killers and their families! A house where a bad terrorist has grown up must be demolished.” - Twitter, 8 November 2018

“...we are talking here about terrorists who incite to kills Jews under the patronage of the ‘partner’ Abu Mazen, who pays salaries to despicable murderers, amounts that Palestinians could dream of. We should deduct all money that the Palestinian Authority allocates from its budget and tightens punishment against terrorists.” - Twitter, 7 October 2018

“[Elor] Azaria [who shot at point blank range and killed unarmed, wounded and incapacitated twenty-one-year-old Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in Hebron] was an ‎outstanding soldier who exercised his judgment at ‎the scene and shot a terrorist who tried to murder ‎his comrades, not an innocent bystander.” – Israel Hayom, 30 August 2018

“This population understands only force, and if we act hard and demonstrate deterrence and determination, they will think twice.” – Arutz 7, 22 August 2017

Nurit Koren

“I suggest the Joint Arab List MKs concentrate on truly working for the good of the Israeli citizens who elected them, instead of trying to concoct provocations and science fiction movies about an imaginary nation of job seekers who came from Arab countries a long time after the Jewish nation.” – Arutz 7, 1 February 2018

“It was a bit bothersome that [U.S. Vice President Mike Pence] spoke about the two-state solution. We need to sit down and talk because we will only achieve peace through dialogue, but first of all we need recognition of the State of Israel, of its sovereignty and of our right to live here.” – Arutz 7,        23 January 2018

“We must create a territorial contiguity of settlements in order to prevent a Palestinian takeover of the area, and now is the time to apply Israeli sovereignty and law to the Israeli settlement areas in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley [Occupied West Bank].” – Arutz 7, 13 September 2018

“As a member of the Land of Israel Lobby I'll do everything in my power to regulate and apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank].” – Arutz 7, 3 September 2018

Ofir Akunis

Minister of Science and Technology

“My position on the establishment of a Palestinian terror state in Samaria and Judea [occupied West Bank], in the heart of the homeland of the Jewish people, is not acceptable in any way. It could be a Trump regime or Obama or Carter or Reagan. A Palestinian terror state is a recipe for the suicide of the State of Israel and we are not committing suicide.” – Arutz 7, 9 July 2018

“International aid funds do not help the Arabs of Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank], but rather the corrupt leadership there. It aids the families of terrorists. Exposing the administration’s plan to revoke the demand for the right of return is an important and historic phase in exposing the lie that has been prevalent for decades." – Jns, 27 August 2018

“He is not an innocent civilian who is coming to seek peace. I’m sure of that.” - Haaretz, 10 April 2018

“Jerusalem will never be a joint capital, and a Palestinian terror state will not be established in the West Bank, under any circumstances.”- Times of Israel, 21 October 2018

“First of all, before imposing sovereignty over all the territories of Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank], sovereignty should be applied to all of Area C, the area that isn't subject to dispute and where all the Jews live. And yes, I think the Prime Minister is acting correctly when he talks about coordinating with the Americans, because God has performed a miracle for us and there are now a President and Vice President in the White House who sympathize with the people of Israel and the Land of Israel.” - Arutz 7, 12 February 2018

“With all of my appreciation for the Trump administration, which I don’t hide... I can’t live with a document that talks about two states, and I will vote against it.” “We want peace and are ready to negotiate, but not based on two states. I cannot accept a paper like that from the Americans.” - Jpost, 11 September 2017

“The State of Israel is humanly indivisible; it was not bequeathed by mortal hands, its borders are not negotiable; dividing it would be unthinkable. One may and must develop all its territory, expand, take care of infrastructure, build roads, raise children, and plant trees. Israel in its entirety is the country of the Jewish People, and the right to it belongs only to the Jewish People.” – Arutz 7, 14 February 2017

“As long as I'm part of the Israeli government, I will work with all my strength against the surreal and dangerous idea of dividing the country, and even if I remain alone, I will always vote against the establishment of a Palestinian state no matter what costume is used to define it or seeks to promote it.”- Arutz7, 14 February 2017

Oren Asaf Hazan

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of ‘Ariel’ Built on Lands Belonging to Salfit Governorate

“They bomb – we contain them and strike the walls and buildings – They threaten “the enemy should not expect what will happen” and I have said earlier, Hamas does not interpret our merciful behavior as a moral power but as weakness and fear. The government must stop taking into consideration the enemy and start eliminating terrorists even at the cost of harming innocent civilians. This is the way to restore calm and deterrence...” - Twitter, 12 November 2018

“Moving to halt visits to terrorists, which I initiated and was passed in the final voting today, is part of a struggle designed to make the lives of the assassins bitter in jail. The place of human scum, they must rotten in a deep grave in the ground, but till that happens we must suppress them and leave them isolated in misery with no future, no hope or a dream! In god’s will...the day will come to deprive them of life as well.” - Twitter, 24 October 2018

“… to reduce sentences to the murderers? Forget that as long as I am an MK. We should not reduce sentences to human animals – the only thing to do is to shorten their lives by imposing death penalty." - Twitter, 15 September 2018

Against Ahed Al-Tamimi: “Parties, meals of corruption, education, sounds like she is in an American college, only men are missing there! When I hear the conditions that this despicable terrorist experienced in prison, I understand why a terrorist in prison is costing us NIS 100,000 annually. The parties cost lots of money, believe me I know what I am talking about.” - Twitter, 2 August 2018

“I compared between the photos of the demonstration in Rabin square two weeks ago and those photos of the terrorist funeral held yesterday in Um Al-Fahem, the only difference is the location of the demonstration nothing else..share this video and prove to all that Um Al-Fahem is a nest of poisonous wasps full of warms living in the heart of the state. The government should impose its sovereignty by demolishing the house of the terrorist, expel his family and arrest all the inciters, and find a real solution to the germ of terrorism that is spreading among us.” - Facebook , 21 August 2018

“The answer to terror is a counter-attack straight onto the heads of the terrorists, and first and foremost, on the head of the snake - [Palestinian President] Mahmoud Abbas.” – Arutz 7, 27 July 2018

“Congratulations for the passing of the law that deducts terrorists' money! After a long struggle between me and my colleagues, the government corrects a historical error: it fights terror instead of supporting it and stops the transfer of funds to the Palestinian terror authority. The next stage: the elimination of the kite terror, the elimination of Hamas regime and the return of our sons - Goldin, Shaul and Mangisto - home." - Twitter, 2 July 2018

“I'm glad I was able to inspire the cabinet members in relation to the treatment of kite terrorism. There's nothing to do, on the other side we understand only power and eventually we are forced to use it-the disaster is already here and it is better to do this as soon as possible!” Translation of the text in picture: Bennet:  “You have to shoot the kite launchers.” The Minister of Education calls for strengthening the condemnation of the balloons.” - Twitter, 19 June 2018

“If instead of firing warning shots on the infrastructure in order to remove terrorists, we would shoot at the kite terrorists themselves in order to destroy them - there simply would not be anyone left to threaten… Sooner or later we will have to deal with this type of terrorism, so the sooner is better before it’s too late.” - Twitter, 14 June 2018

“It began with empty tunnel explosions from terrorists and continued to fire warning shots at the kite terrorists, so that no stinking Hamas would be killed. The absurd is already clear? Who feels pity for the cruel will end with his fields burnt! When will we understand this? As always, only after we have been paid with human life ...we must not wait – we must kill 20 terrorists’ kites in one day and the Yishuv will flourish again.” - Twitter, 9 June 2018

 “You need to understand that the people who were killed in Gaza are not human beings. They are terrorists and all they wanted was to cross the border, come to the Jewish State, come to a Jewish city, slaughter Jews in their beds, and conquer us.” - Arutz 7, 23 May 2018

 “I wish the Nazi terrorist Abu Mazen meets with God soon. If he needs help then we can take care of it. But he needs to be prepared, he has a lot of explanation to do.” - Twitter, 21 May 2018

"What's all the fuss about? It was noted in advance: anyone who approaches the fence, armed or not, is gonna get it. As it should be!" - Haaretz,10 April 2018

“I have always said that the Joint Arab List is a criminal cabal. Today I finally received validation from the police and I am convinced that in the end the Balad terrorists will find themselves behind bars along with the rest of their friends, who enjoy five-star prison conditions at our expense, that of the citizens of Israel. They are, first and foremost, terrorists, not Knesset members, who should have been in jail long ago and I hope that the Knesset's obsequious fawning vis a vis the Joint Arab List won't save them.”- Arutz 7, 23 Jan 2018

“58 years ago the terrorist organization Fatah was established. It is a good time to remember that its founders Abu Jihad was eliminated in 1988, Abu Iyad in 1991, Abu Saeed who died in 1994 and Abu Ammar in 2004. Abu Mazen is on his way there. Only one “Abu” left.” - Facebook, 10 October 2017

“It’s time to expel the families of terrorists. I’d like to say the truth without sounding, God forbid, too extreme. But if it were up to me, I’d enter the terrorist’s home last night, take him and his family with him and execute them all. Yes just like that. With no shame. A quick and simple execution. Only like this, we will regain security. Only like this, they will understand that we’re not playing around here.”-Mondoweiss, 22 July 2017

“Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan. We need to take Abu Mazen [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] with his friends and family and sent [sic] him to Jordan. If they want to build a state they need to do it there." "There is only one truth— From the Jordan to the sea, from Hermon and Golan Heights to Eilat, there is only state, the Jewish state, the state of Israel. There wasn't a Palestinian nation. There will never be a Palestinian state.” - I24news, 3 September 2018  

“The pain is great, but the frustration is no less [great]. Building in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank] is important and crucial. It is not the answer to terror. Anyone who says it is, is fooling the public.”- Arutz 7, 27 July 2018

“The transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem is also a sign that it is time for us to recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. It is inconceivable that many government ministries are still not in Jerusalem despite the law and despite a government decision on the matter.” “On the day when our haters will understand that all hope is lost, that they will not have a state here and that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish people, they will understand that they cannot defeat us and can only join us, and then peace will come." – Arutz 7, 07 December 2017

“We know only one thing and one thing only: The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people and not to nobody else.” - Arutz 7, 21 November 2017

Osnat Hila Mark

There is no current information to be displayed.

“Another issue which I intend to deal with is the application of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank]. I have the honor of having lived in [the settlement of] Ma'ale Adumim for so many years. My city, which I am so proud of, has developed remarkably since its establishment, but it is important for us to do more. There is no doubt that [the settlement of] Ma'ale Adumim is an unquestionable fait accompli, and I will continue to endeavor to bolster it.” – Knesset Website, 20 November 2018

Sharren Haskel

“Balad is using the money of the public to give a podium to the barbaric terrorist [prisoner Walid Daqqa] at the expense of the citizens of Israel and the bereaved family of the solider..this is a legalization of the a terrorist operation.” - Makorrishon, 11 November 2018

“It cannot be that all generations of Palestinians will be considered refugees. From half a million in 1948, the number currently stands at 5.3 million and will keep growing. Maybe the reason is that the organization is financed according to the number of declared refugees…” – Knesset website, 15 October 2018

“The Nationality Law is not racist, it is part of the Zionist vision of this country. Our tremendous achievement is a celebration. To come and create more hatred based on nothing - it hurts to see this situation.” – Arutz 7, 31 July 2018

“The bill to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley [occupied West Bank] is the key to true stability and coexistence. On both the right and left, there is agreement on the security importance of our eastern border. This is the first step in the implementation of law and order in an area where for 50 years residents [settlers] have lived in a lack of clarity and have not received support in development and infrastructure.” – Arutz 7, 15 February 2018

“The Jordan Valley is a strategic, security asset of the State of Israel and there is a national and political consensus about it. Even in the most right-wing and left-wing agreement, the Jordan Valley is included as an integral part of our country. The residents of the Jordan Valley are a security buffer on Israel's border and they risk their lives, yet there is complete inequality between them and the rest of the residents of the country...” – Arutz 7, 24 January 2018

“Strengthening and maintaining Israeli towns in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] in general and Hebron in particular is of the utmost importance…[we] are determined to help the Jewish community of Hebron grow and flourish this year, along with the rest of Israel.” - Arutz 7, 28 September 2017

Tzachi Hanegbi

Minister of Regional Cooperation

“This is also another chance for President #Abbas to show he can be a man of peace by unequivocally condemning the murders and announcing the end of the #Palestinian pay to slay policy. He has failed this basic test of human decency every time. Will today be any different?” - Twitter, 7 October 2018

“Four and a half years after abandoning negotiations and waging a world-wide incitement campaign against Israel, Abu Mazen learns from Trump that there is a price for such a defiant policy.” - Twitter, 11 September 2018

“[US President Donald Trump] did not prejudge future negotiations or draw borders. He recognized the historical reality of the Jewish people’s connection to Jerusalem. It is in fact, the capital of the state of Israel.”- Jpost, 29 April 2018

“…This is how a 'Nakba’ begins. Just like this. Remember ’48. Remember ’67. It begins with zealot religious leaders whom Allah promised the whole world. It continues with radical, reckless leaders for whom the spilling of blood, even if it is your blood, fits their own short-term interests. And it permeates the religiously ignorant masses who only yearn to become “martyrs.” Remember ’48. Remember ’67. When you want to stop it all it will already be gone. It will already be after the third “Nakba.” After the disaster. After the tragedy. You’ve already paid that crazy price twice for your leaders. Don’t try us again because the result won’t be any different. You’ve been warned!” - 972mag , 24 July 2017

Tzipi Hotovely

Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“In the fantasy world of the Director General of ‘B’Tselem’, there is no Hamas, no Palestinian responsibility, no Palestinian terror but there is only an endless self-flagellation. The disease of hatred is worse than all the lies I’ve heard this evening.” - Twitter, 18 October 2018

“Field tour in Khan Al-Ahmar, the state must respect the rule of law. Khan Al-Ahmar is an illegal Bedouin site, the ruling must be to evacuate it.” - Twitter, 22 October 2018

“The American administration’s decision to close the PLO mission in Washington is a courageous right one. Trump administration continues to send a sharp message to the Palestinians that whoever acts against Israel will pay a price.” - Twitter, 11 September 2018

“Israeli society and Jewish tradition sanctify life. Palestinian society glorifies death. Israeli children grow up on songs of peace and the biblical vision of “nation shall not lift up sword against nation.” Palestinian children are taught to hate.” - The Wall Street Journal, 18 October 2015

“We have to stop working based on the old formulas. In the whole area of ​​peace arrangements, we need to think in a new way and not recycle the programs that do not work. The two-state solution proved that it failed and we need to repeat the word 'stability' today. The word 'peace' is not relevant in this era.”- Arutz 7, 15 November 2018

“From the first day that this administration came in, we have clarified our red lines regarding negotiations with the Palestinians. I was part of some of these conversations. Settlements is a red line. No Jew will be evacuated from his home. The idea of ​​displacement or withdrawal from the territory will not be repeated. In addition, we are a government that opposes the idea of ​​a Palestinian state. After [Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's] Bar-Ilan speech and its ramifications, one can say that the Israeli government is united in its opposition to a Palestinian state. This is an idea that endangers the State of Israel.” – Arutz 7, 23 October 2018

“We will continue to develop Jewish settlement in the areas where we have a 4,000 year-old connection [sic].” – Arutz 7, 23 October 2018

“For the first time, the Israeli leadership is no longer willing to accept the idea of fake Palestinian refugees. Only this week in his speech at the UN, Abu Mazen [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] spoke of 'six million Palestinian refugees’ who were not born in Israel - six million people raised on the idea that they will 'return’ to the State of Israel. This approach is certainly not leading us towards a peace process, but instead to perpetual conflict. The international community has for years ignored this 'demand to return’, and it serves to eternalize the conflict. Therefore, anyone who seeks peace should stop supporting the idea of the refugees that UNRWA continues to espouse, and the demand for a return whose aim is the destruction of Israel.” – Arutz 7, 22 February 2018

“The UNRWA era is over. I want to raise this issue with every country that donates to UNRWA and demand that they divert their money to real humanitarian organizations and stop cultivating the Palestinian right of return that perpetuates the conflict. For many years, the international community simply ignored the Palestinian demand for return [to the State of Israel] and created a distorted reality in which the Palestinians continue to be considered refugees who wish to return to Jaffa, Acre, Lod and Ramle, and in fact aspire to the destruction of the State of Israel.” - Arutz 7, 21 January 2018

“We need to talk about the fact that the settlement enterprise is here forever. We cannot talk about withdrawals. Fortunately, in the past 8 years with all its difficulties there was still no withdrawal program on the table. At the moment, the settlement enterprise needs to advance and become accepted as a legitimate legal tool. This is the land of the Jewish people and it was not stolen suddenly..”- Arutz 7, 04 April 2017

“The answer to the international struggle over Jerusalem is applying sovereignty over Ma’ale Adumim, which will guarantee Jerusalem will always remain united and develop.”- Times of Israel, 31 October 2016

“I think it’s the center of Israeli sovereignty, the capital of Israel, the holiest place for the Jewish people. It’s my dream to see the Israeli flag flying on the Temple Mount.” – Times of Israel , 26 October 2015

Yariv Levin

Minister of Tourism

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of ‘Modi'in-Maccabim-Reut’
There is no current information to be displayed.

“We will continue to establish and bankroll activities in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank] in addition to establishing facts on the ground.” - Times of Israel, 17 September 2018

“The Nationality Law is a vital law that places a dam in the face of the ongoing erosion of the identity of the State as the nation-state of the Jewish People, preventing the State from becoming a state of all its citizens, or as we see now - a state of all its infiltrators. It placed a barrier before the process of bringing women from Gaza to infiltrate and preventing their removal.” – Arutz 7, 5 August 2018

“The right thing to do is to apply our sovereignty over all of the Land of Israel, including territories east of the Jordan.” - Arutz 7 , 03 January 2018

“There is not enough construction in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank], the pace is too slow.” - Arutz 7, 13 June 2017

“Establishing Palestinian state won’t serve peace.” - 1075fm, 21 May 2017

“The whole construction limitations in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] were wrong, a unique injustice, and a distortion. We have the opportunity to irrevocably change this policy. It's time and we expect the US administration to receive the Prime Minister's message favorably and allow us to renew the basic aspects of life and build in all of Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria.” - Arutz 7,             13 February 2017

Yaron Mazuz

“Ms. Zoabi, you are the first of those who should hand back their identity card. We are doing you a favor that you are even sitting here. Terrorists don’t sit here. You are in a democratic state — respect the state. Anyone who acts against the state through terror has no right to be here. It is unacceptable for members of this institution to take part in terror flotillas against the State of Israel.” - Times of Israel, 24 June 2015

"I will do my utmost to withhold citizenship from those who operate against Israel. It is unthinkable that from this home, people embark on terrorist campaigns against Israel. I recommend that the Knesset reject the proposal on the subject. I recommend that you sit down and be quiet. There will not be terrorist infrastructure here. I have nothing to apologize for. Anyone who engages in terrorism will not be here."- Israel Hayom, 25 June 2015

There is no current information to be displayed.
Yehuda Joshua Glick

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of 'Otniel' Built on Lands Belonging to Hebron Governorate

“The decision of the high court of justice justifies discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount and the next day it rejects the destruction of a terrorist’s home which undermines our deterrence…” - Twitter, 8 November 2018

“ important discussion is taking place about the TIPH organization, which is supposed to be a body that preserves calm in Hebron, has become an inciting and disturbing factor..” - Twitter, 28 October 2018

“Not only the US, but Belgium as well. The world began to realize the Palestinian lies and is not ashamed to say it in the face. We are sick of the double standard policy, it is painful to witness the existence of a corrupted leadership for the Palestinian civilians who wish to live here in peace, a leadership that the last thing it cares about is the Palestinian citizen.” - Twitter, 15 September 2018

“We will send the Waqf people that Israel generously allows to move around the Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound] back to Jordan, and we will apply full Israeli sovereignty to the Temple Mount [Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound].” – Arutz 7, 23 October 2018

“Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat’s decision to begin a process of removing the trash from Jerusalem must include this trash that is called UNRWA, a body which deals solely in incitement rather than education. They take people who want to integrate into Israeli society in Jerusalem, want to be a part of Israeli society, and encourage them not to integrate, not to move forward academically and stay behind. They teach them that Israel is the enemy.” - Knesset website, 17 October 2018

“In addition, we have to continue to build more vigorously to make it clear that we're here and we have no intention of going anywhere…” - Arutz 7, 18 September 2018

“I don’t understand how you don’t see how establishing another state puts us all in danger. The Palestinians aren’t coming to the table, so we’re moving forward, and moving forward means sovereignty over the whole of Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank]...” – Jpost, 5 February 2018

“We don’t need the world to recognize Jerusalem; we know Jerusalem is the capital of Israel….if the world wants to be relevant, they will recognize Jerusalem. If the world wants to be relevant to reality, they will recognize Jerusalem, and they will have all their embassies here in Jerusalem.”- Arutz, 21 November 2017

“[The two-state solution] is not a solution.  It's deepening the problem. We've overcame the final solution where we are going to overcome the two-state, the so-called solution.  This is our land. God brought us back here and we will build the land and peace is win win. [It] is building... People have to recognize the fact that we are here for good. The Arabs living next to us have a chance to benefit from being part of our land.” - INL, 29 March 2017

“The fiftieth year of Judea and Samaria's liberation should become the year of sovereignty; it is not enough just to have sovereignty over Maale Adumim. Jerusalem, Israel's capital needs to be strengthened demographically to manifest a Zionist majority both in terms of sovereignty and the economic aspects. The Greater Jerusalem Sovereignty Law mandates that the State of Israel apply Israeli law and justice to Gush Etzion, Ma'aleh Adumim, Givat Zeev, Betar Illit, Adam, Ma'ale Michmash, and Psagot.” - Arutz 7, 09 February 2017

“A belt of towns under Israeli sovereignty would strengthen Jerusalem and remove from the agenda the idea of a Palestinian state and the shrinking of Jewish settlement into blocs.” - Arutz 7, 09 February 2017

Yisrael Katz

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Minister of Intelligence

“Arab MKs who met with Federica Mogherini who is leading a hypocritical policy against Israel, are working against the state….they were disappointed she even informed them that the nation-state law is an Israeli internal issue…same Arab MKs appealed to the UN and EU , we should get rid of them prior to the next elections.” Interview with 103FM - Twitter, 4 September 2018

"Any attempt to restore Abbas to Gaza and connect Gaza to the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria via a 'secure corridor' that will traverse Israel will present a direct threat to the security of Israel and the demographic balance between Israel and the Palestinians.” - Israel Hayom, 13 August 2018

“We need to separate from Gaza, to stop the fuel and water, and to rely on military power as in the case with southern Lebanon.” - Times of Israel, 30 May 2018

“We place a special emphasis on advancing the planning and execution of strategic transportation projects in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank].” – Times of Israel, 30 January 2018

“The refugee problem was perpetuated by Arab and Palestinian leaders as a lever for the unjust demand for the 'right of return’ and an attempt to bring about the destruction of Israel. It is good that it disappears from the world.” - Twitter, 11 September 2018

"We need to build as much as possible in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank], as many bypass roads and industrial zones as possible.” – Arutz 7, 10 October 2017

“The appropriate answer to UNESCO’s decision and to anyone else who doubts our right to sovereignty is to pass the 'Greater Jerusalem Law’ that includes extending Israeli sovereignty to the surrounding communities of Greater Jerusalem: Ma’ale Adumim, Givat Ze’ev, Beitar Illit, and the Etzion Bloc.” “Passing this law in full 50 years after the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem will send a clear message: Jerusalem is one and united under Israeli sovereignty.” – Arutz 7, 02 May 2017

“We must allow unrestricted building in Jerusalem and building within the municipal boundaries of the settlements should occur freely...It does not matter if we're talking about Beitar Illit, Modi'in Illit, or Elon Moreh, every community has plans and the construction must be approved without interruption.” – Arutz 7, 16 February 2017

“Everyone knows that a Palestinian state - which I am against - is irrelevant.” – Arutz 7, 16 February 2017

Yoav Kisch

“I have promised and is committed. No terrorist or collaborator will benefit from administrative early release. They will have to complete their prison sentence in full. The interior committee, chaired by me, approved by voting a bill which states that: the terrorists and those collaborating with terrorism won’t get any benefits. A terrorist will remain in jail till last day of his sentence. There are no awards for terrorism.” - Twitter, 28 October 2018

“I think that after nine years of negotiations on evacuation, it is over. The message is simple…Khan Al-Ahmar will be evacuated. Each decision made by the cabinet in this regard must include short timetables that are related to the termination of the dialogue’s attempts and setting up the mean for evacuation. It is not allowed to give an award for European Countries’ blatant intervention.” Twitter, 20 October 2018

“In my opinion, there is little chance for reaching a settlement. The security apparatuses, under the guidance of the Cabinet, should escalate and work with all its might against Hamas. This means reinforcing our forces and eliminating terrorist cells. We are not disturbed by terrorists, those killers, but we will make this our target. Let us remove our gloves. If we do that, the chances for a settlement will be higher” - Twitter, 8 August 2018

“Discussion over the situation of the Palestinian prisoners will be tackled in the committee’s meeting, we call upon prisons’ authority to attend the session, it is impossible to give the security prisoners; the terrorists’ conditions of recreation” - Mako, 8 August 2018

“Every meeting of the planning council is where we sit, push, and try to increase the number of units to be approved. It's clear to everyone we're not in the Obama era, but we haven't yet reached a goal we feel comfortable enough with. There is a change, but it's not enough and not noticeable in all places. We're fighting everywhere to authorize young settlement.” - Arutz 7, 4 September 2018

“I very much hope and believe that our goal of regulating the settlements will come true - whether by sovereignty or by regulation and legislation.” -  Arutz 7, 4 September 2018

“[The settlement of] the City of David is an inseparable part of the history and heritage of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and in Jerusalem in particular. The settlement there existed long before the site was declared a national park, and it is important for the continuation and expansion of the hold of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and in all parts of Jerusalem, our capital.” - Arutz 7, 4 July 2018

“The state must not miss this moment [to destroy the village of Khan al-Ahmar]. [Israel should] enforce its laws and prove its sovereignty, while Palestinian flags are proudly raised on its lands.” - Arutz 7, 25 July 2018

“It's time to put the Likud Central Committee's resolution into practice and begin applying sovereignty over the settlement areas in Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank]. There will be no better historic opportunity to do this.” - Ynet, 28 January 2018

“The Palestinians succeeded in persuading the world that there is an occupation. We must clarify to everyone that this is the land of our forefathers and we have both an historic and legal claim to it. The meeting with President Trump is the first step before building without any apologetics everywhere and should be continued by establishing sovereignty over the entire land of Israel.” – Arutz 7, 13 February 2017

“We call on the prime minister to act from now on in accordance with the historic opportunity created by the election in the United States to resume building all in every part of our land, and to say farewell to the dangerous two-state plan, and instead to promote normalization and sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.” - Haaretz, 09 November 2016

"We will withstand the greatest pressures. We'll stand up for our truth, and stand at the gate of the city that was built to protect the eastern gate of our capital, Jerusalem…This is the opening salvo in the fight for Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samara [Occupied West Bank]. Ma'ale Adumim is the first stop in a long journey to strengthen the Zionist endeavor." Arutz 7– 18 July 2016

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein

Knesset Speaker

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of 'Nevi Daniel' Built on Lands Belonging to Bethlehem Governorate

 “The lies of the Director General of B’Tselem proves once again that this organization is illegitimate. One day after Palestinian terrorists launched a rocket towards a house accommodating three children, Hagai Elad sees that it is appropriate to spread the lies in an attempt to harm the right of Israel in defending itself. B’Tselem, be ashamed!” - Twitter, 18 October 2018

“This evening it was proved again that the struggle led by Arab Knesset members is not against the nation-state law, but against the existence of the State of Israel. I regret to say that they are dragging the Arab Israeli public again into such an ugly inciting demonstration.” - Twitter, 11 August 2018

“We have to stop working based on the old formulas. In the whole area of ​​peace arrangements, we need to think in a new way and not recycle the programs that do not work. The two-state solution proved that it failed and we need to repeat the word 'stability' today. The word 'peace' is not relevant in this era.”- Arutz 7, 15 November 2018

“On Sunday we celebrated 51 years since the unification of [Jerusalem] under Israeli sovereignty, and on Monday the celebration intensified with the relocation of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, the significance of which is unequivocal: Jerusalem, and Jerusalem alone, is the eternal capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish People.” – Knesset, 16 May 2018

“Jerusalem is the only capital that the State of Israel has had since gaining independence nearly seventy years ago, and its status is grounded in legislation” - Knesset, 18 December 2017

“The State of Israel must promise its citizens that it will strive for peace with its neighbors and nurture all its residents without ceding parts of the homeland. The State of Israel must fortify its borders and continue the construction momentum in all of the Land of Israel, including the north, south, the Jordan Valley and Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank].” – Knesset, 07 November 2017

“Netanyahu understands that statements he made about supporting a two-state solution are irrelevant because of the situation in the region and the Palestinian position.” “It’s nice to play ping pong with ourselves. The only situation can be to manage the conflict so there will be as little terrorism as possible and to offer cooperation on water resources, agriculture and environment.”. “Right now you can talk about one state, two states, 15 states, it doesn’t take you anywhere.” - Jpost, 03 September 2015

Yuval Steinitz

Minister of Energy

“I do not exclude the possibility of conquering Gaza and to eliminate it once and for all.” – Twitter,        29 May 2018

“I do not exclude the possibility of conquering Gaza and to eliminate it once and for all.” - Twitter, 29 May 2018

“It is impossible from a strategic point of view to defend Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the coastal plain if Judea and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] are in the hands of our enemies. This is a geographical reality.” – JNS, 06 March 2018

Ze'ev Binyamin Begin

There is no current information to be displayed.
There is no current information to be displayed.
Zeev Elkin

Minister of Environmental Protection and Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage

Living in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of ‘Kfar Eldad’ Built on Lands Belonging to Bethlehem Governorate

"As long as money transfers to terrorists continue, as long as the atmosphere of incitement and the near-official support of the Palestinian Authority continues, this is the result." - Arutz 7, 29 July 2018

“Hebron should not only be a magnificent heritage site, but a place for large Jewish settlement, which will constitute a link in the chain of generations of the history of the Jewish community in Hebron.” – Arutz 7, 3 November 2018

“First and foremost, I unequivocally support expanding the boundaries of Greater Jerusalem, and I think that this is one of the ways to achieve a fundamental solution to promote construction in Jerusalem.” – Arutz 7,10 October 2018

“The time has come for a Jewish neighborhood [settlement of Kedmat Zion] to be established here [occupied East Jerusalem]. This is Jewish land that was purchased by Jews for this Jewish settlement within Jerusalem and the sooner the better.” – Arutz 7, 25 September 2018

“This is unified Jerusalem and the Jews have the right to settle everywhere.” - Arutz 7, 25 September 2018

“The solutions for the challenges facing those [Palestinian refugees] currently living in various Arab countries can be found in those countries. There is no reason for them to dream of returning [here]. The State of Israel was, is and will always be the national homeland of the Jewish people, on the grounds of 2,000 years of history, as well as its official status since the days of the Balfour Declaration. For many years, the UNRWA organization artificially perpetuated the Arab problem to use it as a tool to batter the State of Israel, and it should have long since passed from the world.” - Jns, 27 August 2018

“From the application of sovereignty on Ariel University [let us proceed] to the application of sovereignty on Jewish [settler] communities in Judea and Samaria [occupied West Bank]!”-  Times of Israel, 12 February 2018

“I personally strongly oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state, and do not think that this is a viable solution.” - Arutz, 15 December 2017

“Jerusalem is not at all in the set of political sensitivity and construction in Jerusalem must progress, it is necessary and critical, and it must be done in every possible way.” - Arutz 7, 26 September 2017

“There is no doubt that our goal in the next four years is not just to broaden construction in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria [Occupied West Bank] but to make up for the last eight years. We need to construct 6,000 units a year in Jerusalem in the coming years. We want to encourage the Prime Minister to act to broaden construction in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria and to maintain the ideological principles of the Likud, which 15 years ago decided that it opposes a Palestinian state." - Arutz 7, 13 February 2017

"Anyone who cares about a Jewish majority in the capital of Israel can't promote construction for the Arab population alone”. "I call on the prime minister to also approve construction in the Givat Hamatos neighborhood for Jews. Jerusalem needs this neighborhood and over 2,000 housing units urgently." - Haaretz, 03 July 2016

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